Aristotle’s Poetics: A Philosophical Perspective

In Poetics., Aristotle divides plot into two categories in his Poetics: simple [haplos] and complex [peplegmenos].complexnarrative/plot


Best Free Websites and Apps to Convert English to Urdu in 2022

Don’t worry if you are not a native Urdu speaker, here is a list of some of the best websites to help you convert English to Urdu.

SmallSEOTools Free Plagiarism Checker for Writers

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Consumer Behavior: Definition and Its Importance for Businesses

The study of people and the actions taken to meet their actual needs is known as consumer behavior. Its importance is unimaginable for businesses.


What is Human Rabies? Symptoms, Causes, and its Treatment

You can acquire rabies by becoming infected with the RABV virus. It results in symptoms including paralysis, hallucinations, and seizures.

An Overview of Maternal Mortality and its Causes

The term “maternal mortality” or “maternal death” is used to describe the loss of a pregnant woman due to various reasons such as age, resources, parity etc.


The Labour Files: British Democracy Under Threat

The labour files are investigation based documentry series released by aljazeera that shows how corbyn was dumped by his own party