6 Best Freelancer Websites in Pakistan for 2023

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The freelancing wave in Pakistan is on rising more and more each day. In this article, we’ll mention all the best freelancer websites in Pakistan where you can make a fortune yourself.

For millions of capable Pakistani professionals and subject matter experts, freelancing offers a steady employment environment. In order to have good hands-on foreign projects and generate a valuable income stream, Pakistani freelancers actively cultivate their skill sets. The freelancing platform is one of the biggest developments brought about by technological evolution. By using freelancers, people may outsource everything from basic office tasks to targeted leads for huge companies. Of course, not every nation strives to offer services, but Pakistan is actively involved in this online income area. And skilled individuals are working on Pakistan’s major freelance platforms to give high-quality services that no one else can.

What is freelancing?

freelancer websites in pakistan

One sort of self-employment is freelancing. Instead of being employed by a company, freelancers often work as self-employed individuals who offer their skills on a contract or project basis.

Freelancers are employed by businesses of all kinds and types to execute tasks and projects, but they are responsible for covering their own taxes, health insurance, pensions, and other personal payments.

Since they are self-employed, freelancers are also responsible for paying for their own vacation and sick days. Professionals who work for themselves can also choose their own hours and work arrangements that suit their lifestyle, including working remotely or from clients’ offices.

Although there are many various kinds of freelancers, they typically fall under the category of knowledge workers with a high level of expertise in a particular field, such as designers, authors, programmers, translators, project managers, and so forth. However, there is another category of independent professionals who are frequently categorized as “gig workers” or “contractors.” This group might include independent drivers, cleaners, construction laborers, and handymen. Freelancers and gig workers vary most noticeably in that the former frequently use the internet to deliver their work.

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Best freelance websites in Pakistan

Pakistan has had tremendous growth in the sector of freelancing and is listed among the top 10 nations with the greatest service providers. However, the USA leads the pack with more than 500,000 active freelancers. With an overall growth rate of a shockingly high 69%, Pakistan has accumulated a wide range of skill-based fields. By offering services no one can match, it is building a solid reputation in the global community of independent contractors. Because Pakistani freelancers guarantee high-quality work, clients trust them and use them for the majority of their projects.

The list below includes the best freelance websites in Pakistan that are frequently used by clients looking for services.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. Freelancer.com
  4. Guru.com
  5. Peopleperhour
  6. 99desgins

Now let’s discuss them briefly so that you can know about all the pros and cons of each of these websites if you ever wish to freelance. This will also help you to get a better understanding of which freelance website is going to be the best fit for you in the future.

1. Upwork

freelancer websites in pakistan

According to Upwork statistics for 2020, the market for freelancing reached more than $1 trillion in the same year and its GDP was bigger than that of construction. This is what a strong platform in its sector can provide for freelancers. With several job postings per day, Upwork offers a better bidding experience. The platform offers equal opportunities for employment. To have something positive in your bucket, try to create a better proposal and cover letter. Perhaps you reach your monthly profit in a short period of time.

Upwork for Pakistani freelancers on the basis of priority

Due to its inexpensive bidding and free connections, Upwork is the platform of top priority for the majority of freelancers in Pakistan. At the same time, they deduct 20% of your whole service sales revenue.

Connects for bidding

The method of connecting to clients is called connects. You get 10 of these per month, and they are used to offer job proposals. However, you can buy for as little as 0.15 cents if you run out.

Payment method for Upwork in Pakistan

Upwork offers a variety of deposit and withdrawal options for payment. The simplest methods for withdrawal and deposit are direct bank and Payoneer.

Features of Upwork

  1. Free 10 monthly connects.
  2. Jobs can cost a freelancer 6 connects.
  3. Connects for 0.15 cents to buy.          
  4. Various payment options.
  5. Transparent statistics about sellers and buyers.

2. Fiverr

freelancer websites in pakistan

Fiverr is one of the best freelancer websites in Pakistan. Because of the Fiverr platforms, every buyer and freelancer can benefit to the fullest extent. No matter what abilities you have, if they can help someone find a way out, you can sell them. This is one of the best websites for freelancing in Pakistan to find freelance work. Most people in Pakistan utilize this platform to begin their freelance careers. It offers many advantages, including 10 buyer requests daily that you can use to bid using your cover letter. In the beginning, you have seven gigs to use as opportunities to market your abilities. You can establish a variety of abilities and their prices by using price range categories.

Best freelance website in Pakistan for newcomers

You should use Fiverr if you have recently learned a new ability and want to analyze the market’s interest in it as well as your own development. Every user receives the same rewards; however, you might receive additional benefits if you perform well and earn a selling badge.

Payment methods for Fiverr in Pakistan

Although it offers three alternative payment methods, Payoneer is the only option for accepting payments in Pakistan. You can sign up for a free Payoneer account and link it to your bank or jazz cash account.

Features of Fiverr

  1. 10 daily bids.
  2. Pakistan with a single payment option.
  3. Acquire badge levels.

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3. Freelancer.com

freelancer websites in pakistan

Freelancer.com  is one of the most reputable freelance websites for Pakistan and the rest of the world because it is the oldest steady-running freelance platform. Its corporate headquarters are located in Sydney, Australia, to be precise. The youth may now work when it suits them thanks to Freelancer.com. They are allowed to work freely without being constrained by office cubicles or having a manager over their shoulders.

The enrollment process on Freelancer.com is straightforward and free for both buyers and sellers. In order to get employed by buyers, sellers sign up to sell their services and submit various bids. If the qualifications of the seller and the requirements of the buyer line up, they can begin working together.

Why freelancer.com?

If hired, freelancer.com takes a 20% part of the profit that the buyer pays.

Payment methods for Freelancer.com in Pakistan

Three distinct payment gateways are offered by freelancers, however, only two are functional in Pakistan: direct money transfers via Express to Pakistani banks are permitted. Skrill also functions as a withdrawal wallet. PayPal comes in third place, however, it is unavailable in Pakistan.

Features of Freelancer.com

  1. Although limited to free users, bids are free.
  2. System of multiple payments.
  3. Improved job selection.
  4. An easy format to use.

4. Guru.com

freelancer websites in pakistan

Another website used frequently by freelance experts to advertise their subject-matter expertise is Guru.com. You can try to market your knowledge on this other freelancer website for Pakistanis. If you have the talent to pursue it, this field is a gold mine. If you have a decent hand at a skill, you are qualified to work on just about any freelance platform. However, you should never rush from one platform to another without first understanding it well. Guru.com is an easy-to-use job search engine where you may look for openings in your industry and apply for jobs by creating an impressive cover letter.

Guru.com’s dashboard facility

Guru.com relates to dashboard system formats that assist you in gathering information and customer requirements before beginning work on the project.

Payment methods for Guru.com in Pakistan

With a flexible payment system, you can pay for Pakistan using Payoneer, a bank account, or a wire transfer. PayPal is also accessible outside of those areas.

Features of Guru.com

  1. The cost of 20 bids is $10.
  2. Low level of competition.
  3. User friendly.

5. Peopleperhour

freelancer websites in pakistan

Although Peopleperhour is an underestimated freelance marketplace, Pakistanis are far more active there than people from other nations. Peopleperhour is one of the channels of freelancing that the Pakistani freelance community works on. Due to less competition than other freelance platforms, people can easily get hired with appropriate profiles and descriptions coupled with killer cover letters from buyers. People often prioritize Upwork, Fiverr, and freelancer, but PeoplePerHour also offers excellent prospects for new employees. My opinion is that the abovementioned platforms are somewhat saturated in a few industries, therefore attempting a different one may increase your chances of getting hired.

Low competition on Peopleperhour

It’s easier to catch a fish in a river where few fishermen are fishing than in a lake with thousands of fish but thousands of fishermen as opposed to other freelancing markets like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, which are thought to be less competitive.

Payment methods for Peopleperhour in Pakistan

Peopleperhour offers rewards in three different currencies, but Pakistan can only withdraw US dollars, thus you must convert the other two to dollars in order to withdraw them to your Payoneer account.

Features of Peopleperhour

  1. Low competition leads to high conversion.
  2. Pakistan only accepts Payoneer as a form of payment.

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6. 99desgins

freelancer websites in pakistan

This website is ideal for project completion, practice, and income generation. It is more like the best from the rest wins than classic platforms. On this platform, designers are chosen based on their ability to generate designs that meet the needs of customers rather than their portfolios. Simply said, the buyer posts all the details regarding the design they need and occasionally establishes a budget. No matter how experienced or inexperienced they are, the seller designs in accordance with the specifications and their own originality before sending it to the sellers. Therefore, if they choose your design, you will be compensated; it is more like a competition where the best entry wins.

Payment method for 99designs in Pakistan

Payoneer, which is applicable in Pakistan, is the sole withdrawal method offered by 99designs.com. Because PayPal is not yet available in Pakistan, it is the only choice for Pakistani freelancers.

Features of 99desings

  1. The prize goes to the best.
  2. However, designs might be duplicated.
  3. Good Buyers Budget plus Tip.


The main objective of people is to have enough time to spend with friends, family, and other loved ones. To live the lives they desire to live, people want to be financially independent. However, reaching a point where you are unable to obtain any of these makes you feel worthless. One career path that has the potential to give you both is freelancing. You want to use your time well and live comfortably.

The best part about freelancing is that there are no restrictions and no one watching over your shoulder to monitor your output. Only you and your clientele are cooperating for both of your advantages. Working just four hours each day will allow you to make up to $2,000 per month. Yes, it is possible to accomplish, but you must put in a lot of effort to establish yourself. You can have whatever you’ve ever desired once you’ve achieved financial stability through freelancing. Given that there are more Ph.D. holders than there is employment available in Pakistan, freelancing is the most effective approach to making a good living. If you want to lead a happy life, you can pursue freelancing as a career with the assistance of the aforementioned freelance websites in Pakistan.

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