A Cry From Peshawar: An Elegy To The Martyrs

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The souls of terror's victims, 
lost in Pakistan's dust,
Whose bodies wrought by violence,
lay in peace,
Their spirits soaring to the heavens above,
Ascending to the realm where suffering cease.
Amid the chaos of this mortal coil,
Where cruelty and hate do daily reign,
Their essence shines with light that cannot soil,
A beacon in the dark, a hope sustain.
They were the gentle lambs who suffered pain,
Their voices silenced by the hands of hate,
Yet in their passing, they do live again,
Their memory a love that cannot abate.
In death, they found a freedom they desired,
And in their loss, a legacy inspired.

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4 thoughts on “A Cry From Peshawar: An Elegy To The Martyrs

  1. When will the silence heard,
    When will the the light be seen by the cruels,
    When will we stop to weep,
    When will we live a day with an endless smile
    Like the little buds that smile after rain.

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