Best Free Websites and Apps to Convert English to Urdu in 2023

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A lot of awesome websites and Apps are available to help you convert English to Urdu and vice versa. People whose native language is Urdu or English sometimes have difficulties in understanding English and Urdu but don’t worry we got you because here we have gathered a list of some of the finest websites and apps that can make your journey a whole lot easier.

A crucial language to learn is the Indo-Aryan language of Urdu, which is spoken by approximately 100 million people. Large populations also speak it in the United States, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates. It is the primary language of India and Pakistan. In 1837, the East India Company decided to replace Persian, the court tongue of the Indo-Islamic dynasties, with Urdu as the language of rule throughout northern India. For text translation from English to Urdu, we identify some of the top apps and websites. These websites are excellent resources for daily life hacks that will make your life simpler and more enjoyable. The best part of these websites is that, with a few exceptions, they are completely free to use. Additionally, a few websites offer specialized character and dictionary services. Check out the list of top websites below for English-to-Urdu translation.

Top Websites for Converting English to Urdu

convert English to Urdu
Translate English to Urdu

1. Google Translate

Google Translate is an excellent choice for instant translation from English to Urdu. One of the top platforms, Google supports over 100 languages, including Chinese, French, and Spanish. The fastest translation service is offered by Google Translate. The easiest technique to translate is by just typing “English to Urdu” into Google, which will launch the translation in a matter of seconds and set it apart from other methods. Documents that translate from Urdu to English or vice versa can be uploaded. Use of Google Translate is completely free. For simple translation, you can talk and write simultaneously using audio. Additionally, users’ translated text can be copied, shared, and edited. The most dependable website, utilized by billions of people worldwide, is Google. This website offers the most flexibility in terms of language selection and translation.

Access Google Translate here:

2. Easy Urdu Typing

The greatest website for translating English text into Urdu is Easy Urdu Typing. Additionally, this wonderful website offers local regional language translation services for Indians. The fact that this website is entirely free to use makes it superior to others. You may translate text into Gujarati, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi, and Telugu. The most practical website for text translation in India is this one. The website is fairly simple to use and has a keyboard function for regional languages. You can also switch your language from Urdu to English. In addition, there is a selection of Free Urdu Fonts and Urdu Unicode. If you need help using this website or run into any problems, you may also view a video tutorial.

Access Easy Urdu Typing here:

3. Typing Baba

A fantastic website for translating from English to Urdu or vice versa, Typing Baba also offers a game, an online keyboard, typing tools, and a typing trainer. The use of this website is totally free for visitors. Additionally, users of the site have the option of using the blog feature. An excellent website for multiple purposes is The website is really simple to use. You can evaluate your proficiency by taking a typing exam in a different language. You may also use the Unicode feature on the website to create stunning, lovely writing. Users have the option of using an online keyboard as well. A very helpful website for daily use or your daily needs is Typing Baba.

Access Typing Baba here:

4. LingvaNex

With the ability to translate up to 10,000 words at once, LingvaNex is another excellent English-to-Urdu translation website. This sets it apart from the competition. You only need to access the webpage and begin typing in the area below to utilize it. Additionally, by selecting a language from the drop-down menu, you can adjust the translation. In addition to this, you can utilize a dictionary to get the correct meaning or verify the precise meaning of your work. Additionally, the LingvaNex offers voice translation capabilities that let you simply speak your words and receive a translated text in a matter of seconds.

Access LingvaNex here:

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Top Mobile Apps for Converting English to Urdu

1. Hi Translate

One excellent app for real-time translation is called Hi Translate. Extraordinary features offered by the programme include voice translation, text translation, real-time translation, and offline translation. With this software, you may use your phone’s camera to take pictures of objects you want to translate into your chosen language. Therefore, all you need to do is focus your phone’s camera on the text image to receive a translation within a few seconds. This software stands out from others thanks to its distinctive functionality. You can also convert your text into up to 100 different languages. Additionally, cross-application translation is supported. It enables you to read and write in practically any language using any app.

Get the App here

Android VersioniOS Version
Hi Translate

2. Microsoft Translator

Despite having fewer language translation possibilities than other apps—60—Microsoft Translator is available for both Android and iOS users without any fees. The best feature of it is the ability to translate live conversations between up to 100 individuals at once. The Microsoft Translator offers additional translation options and pronunciation tips. The app also allows users to upload documents for translation and speak, write, and speak. The finest app for offline work and text translation is this one. The Play Store makes it simple to get the app.

Access the App here

Android VersioniOS Version
Microsoft Translator

3. Google Translate

The finest translation app for iPhones and Android devices is Google Translate. The functions of the Google Translate app are identical to those of the website. From this app, you may translate more than 100 languages, both locally and internationally. Additionally, the programme supports speech translation. This programme is perfect for translating texts between languages, such as Urdu and English. Aside from that, the main feature of the app is its ability to translate conversations in real-time thanks to its special “Conversation” feature. When your translation is finished, an automated computer voice will begin to play.

Access the App here

Android VersioniOS Version
Google Translate

4. English to Urdu Translator

Another top-notch text translation app that is available on the Play Store is English to Urdu Translator. The app offers a tonne of features, like a typing test, an Urdu keyboard, and user-friendly learning materials. It implies that you can begin learning a language while translating texts. In addition, you can test your typing speed and begin learning the language. The dictionary feature of this software is its best feature because it enables you to learn new words and determine the precise meaning of any given word. Both online and offline usage of this app is possible.

Access the App here

Android VersioniOS Version
English to Urdu Translator

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