Best Online Businesses to Start Without Investment in Pakistan

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If you wish to start an online business in Pakistan, we are here to guide you through some of the best online businesses to start without investment in Pakistan these days. This article will showcase all the top online businesses that you can try and make a fortune for yourself in it.

It would be your desire, as it is for the millions of Pakistanis worldwide, to open your own business. The issue is that there are countless barriers that stand in the way of us achieving our goals. That barrier may be time for some, a strong business concept from the start for others. The main obstacle, though, is usually financial. You cannot launch a business if you lack the necessary funds. At least, that is what is implied to us. Money, in actuality, is not an acceptable justification for giving up on your ambition. Online enterprises can often be launched with little or no investment.

18 Best online businesses to start without investment in Pakistan

online businesses to start without investment
Best Online Businesses in Pakistan

We have made a list of top online businesses that you can start with minimal or without any investment in Pakistan and make a good living for yourself and achieve your ambitions and goals.

  1. Resale
  2. Start your own blog (minimal investment)
  3. Consulting Services (No investment)
  4. Affiliate marketing (No investment)
  5. SEO consulting (No investment)
  6. Freelance Writing (No investment)
  7. Online tutoring (No investment)
  8. Become an app developer
  9. Ghost Writing (No investment)
  10. Virtual assistant (No investment)
  11. Micropreneurship
  12. Dropshipping (Minimal investment)
  13. Amazon Associates
  14. Become a community manager
  15. Do translations
  16. Web design
  17. Provide content services
  18. Data entry

All these businesses can help you achieve a great deal if they are carried out with hard work and consistency. Now, we will discuss them one by one so that you can have a clear idea about each one of them.

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1. Resale

online businesses to start without investment

Reselling is straightforward in Pakistan; you just acquire the goods and sell them to those in need. So how do you buy things? Dropshipping is a wise choice because little to no money is needed in this case. You send orders straight from the manufacturer while maintaining a profit margin. However, the profit margin is small here.

You may get assistance in this area from Alibaba and other online businesses. There are many manufacturers listed there who can provide you with everything you want. You may also begin wholesale trading, but this requires a substantial financial contribution as well as a storage facility. The upside is that you will have greater influence over the company and make more money to take home.

2. Start your own blog (minimal investment)

online businesses to start without investment

Online income via blogging is extremely common. The best thing is that you don’t necessarily have to write; you can also create a Vlog, post pictures, or even create a website about gaming. It may basically be in any niche. Although purchasing a domain for your website is advised, you may also create a blog for free if you don’t have any money to invest. There are many different methods to monetize your blog today. You may, for instance, submit an application for Google AdSense or even connect to items and advertise them as an affiliate.

3. Consulting Services (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment

There are a lot of startup and small business owners that are more than willing to pay for qualified counsel from an authority. If you have experience in your field, consider starting a consulting firm. Although being an expert may take years of practice, it is a very profitable business.

4. Affiliate marketing (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
Affiliate Marketting

It almost has a drop shipping feel to it. You are not needed to keep an inventory, and transporting the goods to consumers is not even a concern. Finding an affiliate partner and choosing a profitable topic for your internet business are the only things left to accomplish. Helpful affiliate websites include Amazon and Clickbank. So you build a website and include links to the goods you wish to sell that point to your affiliate partner’s account. You get a commission when a consumer makes a purchase. It ranges from 5% to 25%. Such a business does not require significant investment.

5. SEO consulting (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
SEO consultation

This is not the same as the consultation described earlier. You cannot reasonably undervalue the significance of SEO in the current digital era. Therefore, why not provide SEO consultation services or perhaps start your own SEO company? Given the extensive training and practical experience needed to become an SEO specialist, it could seem unrealistic to some of you. However, you may develop it into a reliable internet business if you have become an expert. Many small businesses are searching for SEO specialists to help in the ranking of their websites.

6. Freelance Writing (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
freelance writing

Let me tell you, one of the most significant skills you may have as an online business owner is the ability to write. This is due to the fact that the majority of what we do includes writing in some capacity. I am aware that not everyone enjoys writing, but if you do, I have excellent news for you: writing is a profitable online business on the internet.

If you’re a gifted writer, you have a lot of chances to grow your business by providing busy webmasters with your writing services in the form of articles, magazines, blog posts, books, editorials, etc.

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7. Online tutoring (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
Online Tutoring

Do you enjoy teaching? If so, you will like online tutoring as well. Since a classroom is not required, no investment is necessary. Either develop your own teaching website or register on services like But keep in mind that you must choose a topic in which you have expertise. 

In Pakistan, there are not a lot of jobs available for the people and everyone needs it. This is why people are nowadays trying to acquire online skills to start their businesses. This provides you an amazing opportunity to offer them courses in your area of expertise and start making a good living.

8. Become an app developer

online businesses to start without investment
App development

Furthermore, you may earn a fair income by developing applications. There are many small businesses that want to develop Android applications for their goods and services, but of course, you have to be competent at it to start making money. All you need to do is locate such individuals and begin generating income using your expertise.

In Pakistan and in other countries, youth is inclined towards entrepreneurship and its wave is on rising. They will of course need an application in order to get their products and services to a vast audience. This is where your expertise will come.

9. Ghost Writing (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
Ghost Writing

Many bloggers and digital marketers are extremely busy with other aspects of their businesses and lack the time to compose blog entries for their sites. As you may be aware, there are other additional activities that require your full focus in addition to writing, which is only one aspect of creating a successful internet company.

Experienced webmasters are aware of the advantages of content marketing, and they realize they cannot completely give it up. The busiest marketers are constantly looking for talented authors to work as their ghostwriters. As a ghostwriter, it is your responsibility to consistently provide the marketer with top-notch content that he or she will later publish on their blog under their own name.

10. Virtual assistant (No investment)

online businesses to start without investment
Virtual Assistant

It’s like working as a secretary, but everything is done online. Your phone, computer, and internet are all you require. There are many marketers out there that are willing to give competent individuals the simple but time-consuming duties. A virtual assistant may help with a variety of duties, such as purchasing a domain, managing emails, booking flights, publishing blogs, editing audio or video, managing calendars, and promoting on social media. In other words, you can accept any assignment based on your expertise and abilities and get paid hourly.

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11. Micropreneurship

Have you heard of micropreneurship? In case you didn’t know, a micropreneur is a type of entrepreneur that manages a little business that enables him to focus on the projects he enjoys while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. So what sort of business is considered a micro business? Examples include operating an Uber or Careem vehicle or even renting your own residence. The majority of micropreneurs launch their businesses with zero or little capital. As money comes in, they reinvest it to launch a larger enterprise. All you have to do to get going is decide which company model suits you the most.

12. Drop shipping (Minimal investment)

online businesses to start without investment
Drop shipping

To manage your own firm, you don’t need an inventory-filled warehouse. Drop shipping is a cost-effective solution to launch your own company without having to buy any inventory. You only need to purchase pre-made goods from a supplier, and the rest—including fulfillment, packing, and shipping—will be handled by them.

Because you don’t require a warehouse with drop shipping, you can manage your business from anywhere. There is no requirement for your shop to have inventory there. After a consumer purchases anything from you, you place an order with a third party on their behalf, and the third party takes care of the rest. Team within three days of its start on Shopify made approximately $1,000 through drop shipping.

13. Amazon Associates

online businesses to start without investment
Amazon Associate

Similar to affiliate marketing, Amazon offers publishers an extremely profitable compensation scheme where they can make huge sums of money just by sending customers to their websites.

Simply create a website and sign up for the Amazon Associates program where you will be evaluating specific goods within your selected category. If a consumer clicks on one of your affiliate links and makes an Amazon purchase, you will receive a neat little percentage.

The commission is rather little, which is why most marketers dislike the Amazon Associates program; but, given that their conversion rates are consistently strong, people are still earning a mouth-watering sum from the program.

14. Become a community manager

online businesses to start without investment
Community Manager

The need for community managers increases as audiences expand. In addition to serving as a link between a company and its consumers, a skilled community manager promotes positive audience growth through unique events and online deals. A significant portion of this is social media management, where community managers serve not just as a brand’s voice but also as content monitors and conflict resolvers.

Not just major brands require community managers. Community managers are increasingly being hired by individuals with significant online fan bases, such as Twitch broadcasters and YouTubers, to assist regulate and administer Discord channels and live chat.

15. Do translations

online businesses to start without investment

Getting translation work may be a lucrative side gig if you know more than one language, especially if those languages are less widely spoken where you reside. There is an endless need for translators in other disciplines, too, despite the tendency for translators to specialize in one field—you could prefer to concentrate on translating literary works, advertisements, or legal papers.

For instance, if you browse through the tens of thousands of tiny, independently produced games on Steam, you’ll see several requests for translators to help with dialogue and screenplays for different markets. Additionally, translators and clients can be connected through platforms like Gengo and UpWork.

16. Web design

online businesses to start without investment
Web Design

Most new firms can develop a stunning website in a matter of minutes thanks to simple, modern website-building tools, but these pre-made solutions are only so good. In order to give their website an advantage over the competition, many businesses turn to devoted, talented designers for services like extensive customization, e-commerce functionality, and continuing maintenance.

Juggling client expectations and budgets can often require more time and effort than it is worth, making freelance web design challenging to do properly. However, with appropriate management, this kind of employment may provide a considerable amount of additional revenue.

17. Provide content services

online businesses to start without investment
Data Entry

You may offer your creative talents to brands and companies looking to increase their online presence and audience if you have the ability to turn words into paragraphs or produce interesting video or audio material.

As apparent as it may seem, every content marketing plan needs a ton of material to be successful. Not just any material, but authoritative, consistent, educational, and engaging content. With the resources and information currently at your disposal, you may start making money by lending your expertise to companies that require it.

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18. Data entry

There are many of data entry jobs accessible online, however, they may not be the most fascinating. Websites like Zirtual assist businesses in finding employees with organizational abilities and a keen eye for detail. You may opt to take on more difficult and time-consuming work or pick up quick, basic assignments, depending on how much time you’re ready to invest. The labor itself also varies greatly between assignments, from manually entering data into a content management system (CMS) from dreary old physical archives to checking the accuracy of huge consumer databases.


To supplement your income in Pakistan, you don’t need to worry about all of the abovementioned online businesses; instead, you should pick the one that best suits your skills and pursue it as a profession. You may accomplish whatever your goals are by using this online business to the fullest extent possible. To achieve this, register in a course focused on one of the aforementioned niches, or you may learn it via videos on YouTube because there are many outstanding content creators whose skills will allow you to polish your own.

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