BRICS Is Emerging As An Alternate Reality To The West

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With little credibility to begin with, fixation of the West on keeping hundreds of sanctions on Russia, expanding NATO, dumping still more weapons in Ukraine, and ensuring their global dominance at whatever cost has taken its credibility to a new low.

Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, the West has endeavoured to demonstrate unity, despite the fact that it has become more clear that none exists. While France, Germany, and Italy are paying a hefty price for the energy crisis coming from the conflict, British leaders are trying to cash the occasion with the intention of making the country relevant on the world stage again. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration is utilising the battle to restore leadership over NATO after the terrible term of Donald Trump, who nearly broke apart the western military alliance.

West is letting people starve

People in Africa and Asia who live in poverty are increasingly at risk of starvation when food supplies from the Black Sea region are disrupted, and prices soar. Meanwhile, millions of people are sliding below the poverty line. At the same time, Western leaders appear to ignore their plea for help. Despite rising food costs in the international food market, Western leaders insist on not intervening to alleviate the food crisis.

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Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, the West has promoted the same moral conundrum that if you are not with us, you are by default with the terrorists. But the ongoing struggle between Russia and NATO cannot be summed up in one-dimensional generalisations. There is no contradiction between opposing Western unilateralism and wanting the conflict to cease. But unlike the geopolitical climate of today, in the past, few ventured to criticise Washington’s actions, which is why American dictates were successfully implemented.

Russian invasion of Ukrain

The world is evolving

The world has evolved. In order to challenge the stifling Western domination, numerous nations in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, including Russia, China, and India, are navigating all accessible areas. These nations have made it plain that they will not support NATO’s expansionist ambition by helping to isolate Russia. Instead, they have made several efforts to create alternatives to the Western-led global economy, notably to the US dollar. The latter has been Washington’s most potent tool, linked to several US-created crises, sanctions, and, among other things, widespread starvation, as in the case of Venezuela.

Why is China wary of the West?

China is aware that the current crisis is about something much more important than just opposing the aggression of Russia. China would have little choice but to make difficult compromises with the West if it successfully pushed Russia back. China understands that its economic development would be constrained as a result, which would undermine its stance on Taiwan.

A combination of two factors prompted the West to spend more on the present confrontational strategy toward China. In the first place, Western leaders are wary of seeming weak, which is why they are taking such confrontational steps. Second, Western relations with China have always been based on intimidation.

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The West has always seen China as a subject, not a partner, as seen by the Portuguese conquest of Macau in the 16th century, the British Opium Wars in the middle of the 19th century, and Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

Beijing refrained from joining the clamour of Western condemnations of Russia for precisely this reason. Although the conflict in Ukraine does not directly benefit China, China may be significantly impacted by the war’s geopolitical results in the future.

BRICS as an alternate reality to West

Russia and China are constructing an alternate reality under the BRICS flag in response to the West’s insistence on global hegemony.

The G7 was intended to get a message from the most recent BRICS meeting on June 23 that the West is no longer in control and that Russia, China, and the Global South are ready for a protracted struggle against Western domination.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin suggested in his speech at the BRICS summit that a global reserve currency be established based on a basket of the currencies of our nations. The fact that the ruble has been able to thrive despite recent Western sanctions provides hope that the BRICS currencies may ultimately be able to displace the US dollar as the main currency in the world.

The BRICS are starting to view the G7 as a direct rival. The economic alliance is evolving into a political, or more specifically a geopolitical organisation, as by Argentina and Iran’s applications to join it.


The upcoming global conflict may be the most important since World War II. In an effort to establish a long-lasting and viable counterbalance to Western dominance, Russia, China, and others will invest in various economic, political, and even military infrastructures as NATO continues to struggle for relevance. The result of this fight will probably influence how humanity develops in the future.

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