Can we all be feminists?

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The sun is sinking, and it is growing dark.

She lay there in the corner,

Threatened and battered, 

Alone and devastated, 

 But he claimed he loved me, she reasoned.

Finally, she mustered all of her remaining power and attempted to move, 

Then a belt waved through the air and hit her arm

“Bloody women, did I not confine you to the corner” he yelled.

She drew back, clutching herself in the corner.

Hands trembled and feet froze

Arms bled, and tears poured.

Her desire to live shredded as her left sleeve.

This work was excessively gloomy said my buddy to me. I wondered whether it was darker than reality. When women are burned alive, thrown under a train, or killed in heinous ways by their spouses and in-laws, reality appears darker. I apologise that this post began in this manner, but I hope you will persevere.

Domestic violence is on the rise, even though it is widely assumed that the current political and economic climate is to blame. Most of this stems from being raised in a home or environment where domestic violence was normalised as a way of life, which reinforces men’s belief that they have the right to dictate how women live their lives.

Divorce fear, misunderstanding, and societal standards prevent the victims from taking action. Because of the stigma attached to domestic violence, many women are unable to receive the assistance they need from their own families. However, what we have failed to see is that it is the abuser who has abandoned human principles who should be ashamed, not the victim.

Changes in the partner’s conduct in-between abuses like apologising or showing affection might be confusing to women. When they say things like “In spite of the fact that we are inseparable, I cannot help but become enraged by your conduct”, it becomes tough for women to leave a relationship. Most women who are subjected to physical, mental, or sexual abuse are not even aware that they are being abused.

A thousand reasons might be given as to why this is still going on, but I believe the only real explanation is because we do not do something about it. It is ridiculous to expect something to end when we are not even attempting to stop it. Keep in mind that the strength of your abuser is equal to your silence. Families and neighbours typically disregard such situations because they believe it is not their responsibility. However, a small amount of support may go a long way in providing the victim the courage to come up. Together, the women can let the world know that they are a force to be reckoned with and that their voices will be heard.

I sobbed, and they stated it’s marital issue

I bled and pleaded for help, but they refused

Now that I am gone, they claim they were helpless!

–The cry of a victim

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