Free SEO Tools for Beginners in 2023

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There are several tools used in search engine optimization work, and each SEO specialist has their own set of preferred tools. The greatest all-inclusive SEO solutions are typically rather pricey and demand a monthly membership. Because of this, they are best suited for larger businesses and agencies who employ them frequently and require all the sophisticated features that these SEO audit tools offer.

Smaller businesses and Beginners, however, often struggle to justify the expense of pricey SEO-specific tools because they may only be utilised occasionally or only a portion of their functionality are actually required. In these circumstances, it’s wiser to employ a variety of free tools that, while perhaps not quite as strong, can do the majority of the required work.

Here, we will show you the free 10 best SEO tools that will help you efficient keywords search, speed up your site, rank your site, and of course, generate more revenue.


1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is the first tool that everyone needs to start using. It is a Google-owned service designed to track your online visibility. The tool has recently been improved for a better user experience and is now simpler to use. This tool allows you to learn things like:

  • What search terms drive visitors to your website?
  • Your sites and keywords’ average rankings
  • How frequently you appear in search results and how frequently people click on your results
  • How well Google’s database is indexed for your website


This browser-based application loads your webpage a few times before providing you with comprehensive loading speed data. Along with a list of all loaded files and an indication of how long each one took to load. This is an excellent method for identifying bottlenecks.

Don’t forget to check the Time to First Byte as well. Within 0.5 seconds, you want the first byte to begin loading.

3. TinyPNG

It is a helpful tool for reducing the size of image files. It can be applied to reduce the size of picture files and quicken page loads. The best thing is that image resolution need not necessarily be reduced. Large photos typically take longer to download, especially on mobile devices. As a result, one of the greatest and simplest ways to speed up your website is through picture optimization.

4. Ubersuggest

There are many keyword search tools available to assist you in finding keywords and determining search volume. However, most of those need to be paid for in order to be truly useful. Ubersuggest is an exception to the rule because it offers a variety of practical features. And it’s all totally free.

5. Keywords Everywhere

The Google search results and a few other tools are displayed alongside keyword search volume data in this Chrome and Firefox add-on. Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Youtube are some of these resources.

The advantage of this add-on is that it provides search volume for keywords so you can work on individual queries without continually using a service like Ubersuggest. Additionally, because the add-on can just run continuously in the background, you can detect the popularity of keywords without giving them much thought.

6. Lighthouse

The Chrome developer tools are where you can find the built-in auditing tool for Chrome. Either use the menu to find it or just hit F12. From the Audits tab, select the tool itself. This tool can perform 5 different audits on the page you are currently viewing. just the push of a single button, everything. It also includes links to further in-depth analyses of all issues discovered.

7. Mozbar

The free Chrome add-on from MOZ makes useful information readily available. It allows you to determine the Page Authority and Domain Authority of a page. In addition, you can use it to validate your page titles, H1 headers, and meta descriptions without having to look them up in the source code.

8. SERP Simulator

When you wish to raise Click Through Rate, SEO operations include fine-tuning your search results. SERP Simulator may help you see what you are doing and keeps your page title and meta description at the right length when you want to make your results look as excellent as possible.

9. Check my links

Both users and search engines suffer from broken links. Another Chrome extension that enables you to examine all the links on the page you are reading is called Check my links. It keeps track of all links and flags any that are broken or redirect. Very helpful for locating broken links.

10. Link explorer

One more helpful resource from MOZ. You are given ten free backlink searches per month with Link Explorer. 50 rows of data are returned for one query. For backlink research, that isn’t much, but it is better than nothing. You can start with it without a doubt.

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