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Right now there is very few number of free service providers for free Email marketing tools. Since Email marketing can be of great importance to a business so H-supertools has provided us with a set of magnificent Email marketing tools.

Marketing channels and trends change with time. While certain trends come and then go rapidly, one medium that has stayed quite constant is email. In fact, email remains the most popular medium for content marketing across both B2C and B2B advertisers. It is used by 87 percent of B2B marketers and 77percent of B2C marketers to develop their audience.

It can also assist you in increasing the efficacy of your additional marketing channels, like social media. Marketers face a number of challenges in their email marketing. One of the most significant issues is the amount of time required to develop a visually appealing email from scratch. Marketers may wind up wasting a lot of time generating and delivering emails that don’t look great if they don’t have effective tools. This reduces productivity while decreasing your email campaign ROI.

Many businesses accept this predicament because they are hesitant to invest in a solution to streamline the process. E-mail Marketing tools do not have to be necessarily expensive. There are several free email marketing solutions available to help you save both money and time. One of them is H-supertools’ free Email marketing tools. That can give a great deal of efficiency. Let’s discuss it thoroughly.

Free Email Marketing Tools By H-supertools

  1. Email Tester – Free Email Verification
  2. Bulk Email Validator for Free
  3. Extract Email From Text
  4. Email Warmup Plan Maker
  5. Test Your Subject Line
Free email marketing tools
Free Email marketing tools

H-supertools provide all these free Email marketing tools to you, to make your Email marketing campaigns successful and give you the best ROI (return on investment) possible. Let’s get started with it.

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1. Email Tester – Free Email Verification

Have you ever wished to send out an email only to be told that it was undeliverable? Maybe the email address is incorrectly formed, or it does not exist! It might be affected due to some other reason as well.

Email verification guarantees that emails are genuine, secure, and delivered. H-supertools program verifies that the emails exist and are properly structured.

Email Checker is indeed a free tool for email verification. It allows you to authenticate any email address free of charge and determine whether or not the mailbox exists.

An email checker, on the other hand, does not tell you who sent an email, but it does clarify whether or not you should send a mail to the correct address. The role linked with an email address is also displayed by H-supertools’ email checker application.

Why should you go through your emails?

  • Emailing at a Low Cost: Sending emails to incorrect addresses does not give a good return on investment. Even if you perform your email marketing in-house, verifying your emails will save you time and money since improved deliverability decreases the amount of labor required to manage mailing lists and databases.
  • Improved Reputation and Lower Bounce Rate: Most marketing professionals agree that bounce rates must not surpass 2%. High bounce rates may cause your emails to be blacklisted by service providers, which is incredibly terrible for your reputation. Checking your email list increases your reputation and decreases your email address’s bounce rate.
  • Improved Leads and Email Marketing ROI: Don’t waste time or money on ineffective leads. Unproductive emails will never result in sales, and authenticating email addresses ensures that you are dealing with a genuine individual. When conversion rates rise, open rates rise, leading in more sales, brand awareness, and good ROI.

2. Bulk Email Validator for Free

Free email marketing tools
Emails Validation in Bulk

Have you ever wished to send an e-mail only to be told that it was undeliverable? Perhaps the email is incorrectly formed, or it does not exist at all! Or it’s possible that there’s another issue as well.

Email validation guarantees that emails are legitimate, secure, and delivered. Our bulk email validation tool verifies that the emails are valid. However, it does not reveal who’s behind an email. It might be a robot or a person.

However, it indicates whether or not you should send an e-mail to the required addresses. It also indicates the function connected with an email account. For example, if you type in [email protected], you receive the following result:

Deliverable, but it’s a Role; send only if you know the email owner.

Isn’t it incredible? And it only requires a few seconds to get the outcome. You may also H-supertools Email Validator on this page. There are several advantages to validating or authenticating your email list. Let us now expose a couple of them.

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Why You Should Validate Your Email List in Bulk?

Check your email addresses twice before starting any email marketing campaign. Reason? Non-validated emails may be spam, resulting in a bad reputation for your company. It will also squander your time and resources.

Let’s take a look at the top benefits of verifying your email list.

  • Improved Reputation and Lower Bounce Rate
  • Increased Email Marketing ROI
  • Lower Cost of Emailing
  • Greater Accuracy in Marketing Stats

3. Extract Email From Text

You can simply and rapidly extract email addresses from text with H-supertools’ best free Email Text Extractor. But, you say, I can perform it manually. You certainly can! However, skimming your material will take you a long time. And, as far as human faults go, they are unavoidable!

With only an email extractor from H-Supertools, you’ll receive the email faster than ever before. And the outcomes are much more than 99percent precise, with little to no chance of error. What else could possibly impress you?

Benefits of Email Harvesting

Scraping is the automated method of extracting information from websites. It is only successful if the sites are accurately targeted. However, the data should be made public. Obtaining email addresses from specific sources might be incredibly valuable to your organization.

You may simply extract email addresses from text with H-supertools’ free email extraction tool. Your product, for example, is connected to nurses. And you’ve discovered nursing websites that include the emails of your targeted customers.

It will be incredibly helpful if you can scrape or collect the correct email addresses from the data. With precision targeting, you may deliver promotional discounts and more. You may also offer your services and begin lead-generating.

4. Email Warmup Plan Maker

It is fairly usual for emails from a new publisher with a fresh SMTP server (Server), IP address, and domain to wind up in the spam folder.

When you get a new Company IP Address for your SMTP, it has no reputation on the internet and is unknown to ISPs (internet service providers). SO IP warming is the method of improving Your Internet Reputation by progressively increasing the amount of mail being sent with H-supertools’ IP address on a predefined timetable.

When an ISP sees an email from a new IP address, they instantly begin analyzing the traffic from that IP address.

Because ISPs use email volume to determine spam, it is advisable to start with a modest email volume and gradually increase your way up to larger numbers.

This allows email providers to closely examine and evaluate your sending patterns and volumes, as well as record how your receivers interact with your email.

Warming up might take anywhere from 2 to 10 weeks, depending on your circumstances and the number of emails you would like to send every day.

How Email Warmup works

The warmup schedule and Sending Volume for IP warm-up vary for each sender.

The quantity of emails you send is determined by your overall email volume; some may demand 100 emails each day, while others may require 1 million emails per day!

In any event, you must send a sufficient email at a sufficient frequency to allow your email reputation to be tracked.

Also, keep in mind that most reputation systems only keep data for 30 days, therefore you should not spend more than 30 days without transmitting on an IP. If you do, you’ll have to warm it up again.

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5. Test Your Subject Line

free email marketing tools
Subject Line

The initial point of contact is the subject line. It will decide whether your email is routed to the spam folder, the inbox, or the promotion tab. It’s similar to the front of your shop. Folks will open it if it is pleasant.

Let’s make it a bit simple for you, we’ll discuss the benefits of the subject line in a few points so that you can have a better understanding of why the subject part of emails matters so much:

  • Increase the number of people who open your email campaigns.
  • A greater click-through rate results from more email openings.
  • A greater click-through rate leads to more subscribers seeing your website.
  • Increasing subscribers on your website boosts campaign income.

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