H-supertools: The Best Free Tool For SEO in 2022

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H-supertools is a masterpiece for newbies in digital marketing because understanding SEO optimization can be challenging, especially if you’re just starting out. Fortunately, h-supertools is here to help you along the way. Everyone wants to appear higher in Google search results, but this is only possible if your web pages are completely optimized for the search engine. H-supertools can assist you in locating a variety of vital criteria, ranging from low-competition keywords to relevant backlinks and much more.

The best aspect of this tool is that it is completely free. Nowadays, the greatest tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, and Google Keyword Planner, require a paid version to be fully functional, but H-supertools is all in one and costs nothing.

Now let’s talk about what this amazing tool has to offer for SEO. It has a lot of other features as well, such as email marketing, YouTube ranking, and even an AI paraphraser plus article writer, but here we’ll only discuss its features for SEO ranking. The rest will be covered in another article some other day.

Best SEO features of H-supertools

  1. Keyword Research Tool for Free
  2. Keyword Data Tool in Bulk
  3. Tool for Exploring Questions for Free
  4. Keywords with a High CPC Explorer
  5. List of Free Backlinks
  6. Backlinks Checker for Free
  7. An external SEO Analyzer

These were some of the best features that this tool has to offer. These tools can help you rank your website higher in Google search results if used properly. Now let’s discuss them in detail so that you can have a better understanding of them all.

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1. Keyword Research Tool for Free


Google provides a free keyword tool named Google Keyword Planner that will help you figure out what terms people use. The Keyword Planner does not display the real monthly search volume. You may need to conduct an Ad Words ad for this.

That means you have to pay, but it should not deter you from using the tool. Because H-Supertools allows you to do keyword research, you may obtain almost accurate monthly volume for your keywords.

If you ‘establish an account without a campaign,’ you may use the Keyword Planner for free. Now, let’s talk about how the keywords research tool functions so that you can use it easily.

How it works

The tool is a keyword researcher or finder that assists you in finding the best keywords for your website. Let’s have a look at how it functions now.

  • Go to the tool.
  • Enter a key term and press the Search button.
  • Click on the search button

The Keyword Research Tool then scans Google for keywords as well as indicators such as monthly volume, sponsored competition, and CPC. Then it’s all up to you to choose key phrases for your site.

2. Keyword Data Tool in Bulk

bulk keywords tool

H-Supertools’ Mass Keyword Data Tool is a bulk keyword creator. It provides a large number of keywords connected to two or even more seed keywords. Bulk keyword search has several advantages in terms of time and speed. This tool can assist you.

  • Recognize your target audience.
  • Effectively market your goods or service.
  • Boost conversions
  • Put the proper keywords in your article and broaden your long-tail efforts.

And the list goes on. You may do so by learning about the main indicators for your keywords, such as CPC, Ranking Difficulty, Monthly Search, and others. According to studies, 77percent of Google users prefer organic links over sponsored adverts.

How it works

Have you ever noticed how Google nearly always finishes your inquiry before you write it into the search bar? This function is known as Google Autosuggest, and it is an excellent tool for speeding up your search as a user.

Google makes recommendations depending on the frequency and the searcher’s intent. That being stated, it simply suggests new searches and does not assist you in completing a search that you planned to conduct. Without a question, it may be highly beneficial to you as a website owner or marketer.

However, guessing what individuals are looking for and saving the Google Suggestions will waste your time and energy. And it will take significantly more time if you conduct the bulk keyword research. Even so, you don’t obtain any useful information for such terms.

That’s where the Bulk Keyword Tool from H-supertools comes in. Enter all of your keywords in the search box and click Get Data. Based on the statistics, prioritize your content. And it will undoubtedly provide a higher ROI than ever before.

3. Tool for Exploring Questions for Free

Questions Explorer

Keyword inquiries or inquiries Keywords are terms that people use to inquire about something. And if you can answer it thoroughly, you’ll drive more people to your website or blog. Why? It’s because you’re assisting individuals in finding the correct answers online.

Term queries are typically about a certain keyword or specialty. If you put ‘keyword research’ into Google, you’ll receive the following questions under ‘People Also Ask’:

  • How do you go about doing keyword research?
  • What exactly are keywords?
  • What is an example of keyword research?

The list just goes on and on. SERPs analysis is one technique for locating such queries. In Google, search for the term and look for queries relevant to it in the ‘People Also Ask’ area.

How it works

H-Supertools’ Questions Explorer offers a strong data foundation. It does not just ask you random questions regarding your keywords. However, it obtains the data through Google, YouTube, and a few other third-party APIs. And the data is what makes it so potent SEO tool.

You’re not just answering a random question. Rather, you’re responding to your audience’s inquiries. And in the realm of SEO, that is a fantastic plan.

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4. Keywords with a High CPC Explorer

High CPC keywords are ones for which marketers pay more than others on platforms like Google Ad Words. And you generate more money as a blogger with certain keywords than others.

CPC is an abbreviation of Cost Per Click. If you are an advertiser, it is the cost of each click on your PPC (pay-per-click) marketing campaign. If you’re a publisher, CPC equals money per ad click.

As a blogger or website publisher, the greater the CPC advertising spend, the larger your revenue. It’s not just the website; creating a YouTube video based on high CPC phrases earns you additional money.

How it works

There are several high-paying keywords with high CPCs. H-supertools constantly refreshes the list of high CPC keywords based on the most recent Google data. What you need to do is search the table for items that are relevant to your specialty.

Let me walk you through the steps:

  • Navigate to the High CPC Keywords Explorer.
  • Search the table for your seed term 
  • Identify those that are relevant to your specialty.

5. List of Free Backlinks

Backlinks lists

Google uses backlinks from other websites, to determine how relevant and significant your website is. If you want visitors to visit your website and return over and over again, gaining backlinks will be critical to your success.

How it works

The Backlinks List Finder is a database of free, easy-to-learn backlink chances. It will assist you in launching your SEO campaign and improving your search engine rankings.

Simply choose which, click on the Link, and you’ll get a backlink!  H-supertools will soon add to assist you in obtaining backlinks from all of the websites listed.

The Links List Explorer displays connections from various places and specialist areas, as well as allows users to obtain links for their own websites. This means you may gain relevant backlinks for your website without having to spend a lot of time searching the web.

6. Backlinks Checker for Free

Backlinks checker

The H-Supertools Free Backlink Checker is a free tool that allows anybody to view the backlink profile of his website or any website on the internet.

It is now simple to discover who connects to your site and which material performs best, as well as to obtain backlinks.

You may also examine your rivals’ backlink profiles to determine the source of the most important backlinks and which of their articles are receiving these connections. As a result, you might be encouraged to create comparable create content and link chances.

How it works

By following these instructions, you can access the free online backlink checker tool to obtain any site’s link profile in seconds:

  • Enter the website’s URL that you wish to check first.
  • Then select the Check Backlinks option.

The backlink analyzer will now examine the site’s backlinks and offer a thorough report on the backlinks and some relevant metrics.

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7. An external SEO Analyzer

SEO analyzer

H-supertools employ an external SEO analyzer for this purpose, with the goal of making search engine optimization (SEO) simple. It offers straightforward, professional-quality SEO research as well as vital SEO tracking for websites. This SEO analyzer has assisted hundreds of small-business owners, webmasters, and SEO specialists in improving their online presence by making its features intuitive and simple to use.

How it works

When you click on this feature in the SEO tools of H-supertools, it will take you to the SEO analyzer, here you can paste your website’s URL and by just clicking the enter button all the data will be put right in front of you. You will see the following findings about your website:

  • Infinite Analysis
  • In-depth reviews
  • Analysis of your competitors

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