How Pinterest can Help Grow your Business in 2023? Full Guide

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Pinterest has a greater effect on sales than Facebook. Yes, this undervalued social networking site has helped businesses raise their overall revenues, whether through online purchases or in-person transactions. In fact, 93% of Pinners use the platform for purchase planning. If you have not yet begun Pinning, you are losing out on a tremendous potential to increase your sales.

Pinterest offers an amazing opportunity to expand your business by presenting your brand to prospective new consumers, driving traffic to your website, and emphasizing items to drive sales. Pinterest has over 400 million active users and growth that is consistently rising by 37% year over year.

Pinterest differs from other social media sites like Instagram and Facebook in that it functions more like a visual search engine—a place where users go to get inspiration, ideas, and knowledge before making a purchase. Similar to other distinctive characteristics, Pinterest users respond strongly to advertisements and spend twice as much money purchasing.

For your organization, the outcomes of a Pinterest marketing campaign might be remarkable. On average, Pinterest generates a return on ad spend that is 2x better than that of other social media platforms while offering one of the lowest CPCs in social media marketing.

There are several reasons why you should use Pinterest for your business promotion in 2023. Some of these are given as follows:

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1) Pinterest Can Increase Website Traffic

pinterest for business

You must, first and foremost, increase traffic to your website if you want people to notice the things you have added to your online store. Talking about it on social media is one way to achieve that, and Pinterest is a great venue for doing so.

Pinners are keen to save photographs to their boards since they can readily browse through them. It may be located and pinned to other users or their followers’ boards as well. The exposure of the pin is increased.

Here are a few of the many benefits that Pinterest offers to bloggers and other small business owners:

a) search engine

that is. The majority of people mistake Pinterest for a social media site when it’s actually a search engine. This implies that, unlike on networks like Facebook and Instagram, where your content vanishes a few hours after publication, it will be accessible for years to come.

b) Ranking is easy

Because Pinterest’s algorithm is less sophisticated than Google’s, it is simpler and quicker to rank for popular keywords.

c) High-income consumers make up the target market

According to Statista, 27% of persons who use Pinterest make between $30,000 and $74,999 annually, while 41% make more than $75,000.

People are eager to purchase. According to Statista, 47 percent of Pinterest users make purchases there, compared to 15 percent on Facebook and 11 percent on Instagram.

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2) Every pin serves as an inbound link

pinterest for business

Backlinks, often referred to as inbound links, happen when another website links to yours. Inbound links are among the most crucial components of search engine optimization since Google sees them as a sign that your site has high-quality content (SEO).

Link building is crucial for SEO. Inbound links are a key sign of good material to search engines like Google. As a result, it improves the searchability of your website.

Additionally, because every pin serves as an inbound link, it is simple for a Pinner to locate and visit your website to check it out once they find your pin to be intriguing.

3) Pinterest is the best tool for advertising

pinterest for business
Pinterest Ads

Running targeted advertisements and promoting Pins is one advantage of having a Pinterest Business account.

However, Pinterest’s targeting features are what really make it effective for advertising. The Pins users save on their boards show Pinterest what people are interested in and what they are looking for. The proper audience may be targeted with your content delivery, and by giving them the right answer at the right moment, you can increase conversions.

In addition, compared to users of other social networking sites, Pinterest users are 3 times more likely to click on a Pin to find out more about the good or service. Therefore, there is a great likelihood of generating traffic to and conversions from your website if you have engaging content given to an audience that is already seeking your products or services.

It works great for e-commerce site product promotion. The platform includes every step of the sales process, from introducing the product to the customer to the final decision to buy.

This tool can also be used to promote offline goods and services, but as Pinterest is not widely used worldwide, you will need to determine how frequently the local target market uses it in this situation.

An important reminder: Verify that Pinterest advertisements are offered in your country before considering utilizing Pinterest for promotion.

4) Pinterest is the tool that can help you raise your sales

pinterest for business
Sales Increase

With sponsored activity, sales and conversions are 40% faster on Pinterest than on any other upper funnel channel. Pinterest requires half as many impressions as other platforms to convert a user.

This is because individuals utilize Pinterest to find inspiration, fresh ideas, and new products or services. The purpose of their study is to purchase an item for their homes, offices, or loved ones. According to Pinterest, nine out of ten individuals use Pinterest to plan their purchases. This implies they are eager to purchase if they find what they are searching for, making Pinterest one of the most effective social channels for sales and conversions.

With a yearly family income of more than $100,000, 45% of Americans use Pinterest. This includes 62% of millennials in the US. In other words, they are financially able to purchase your goods and services.

5) Pinterest analytics can be of great help to your business

pinterest for business
Pinterest Analytics

The analytics feature on Pinterest is a terrific resource for learning more about the users who are engaging with your material. Your company may develop successful performance-improving initiatives with the aid of Pinterest’s insights and analytics, which include everything from demographics to audience comparisons.

Finding out which of your Pins were most frequently saved is only one benefit of digging into your Pinterest analytics.

The secret to creating a content strategy that supports your business objectives is to really understand how your material performs.

And you’ll be able to adjust your Pinterest strategy to produce the ideal outcomes for your company by getting a deeper understanding of the kinds of material that motivate these various activities!

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