How To Go Viral On Pinterest for Business In 2023

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Nowadays Pinterest for business has become an integral part because Pinterest is much more than simply DIY projects, wedding ideas, and cookie recipes. The tools and functionalities on this platform are so much more useful for businesses. Because of the platform’s constantly expanding and highly engaged user base, using Pinterest for Business is a certain approach to strengthen your content marketing strategy.

We Are Social research shows that Pinterest has an average of 367 million active monthly users worldwide. Granted, this isn’t the largest audience compared to more powerful competitors like Facebook. But when choosing the best social media outlet for your content marketing plan, engagement is just as crucial a statistic as reach.

We’ll go over some of Pinterest’s advantages in this section so you can evaluate if they complement your marketing objectives. Let’s first discuss what Pinterest is and how it functions.

Tips on how to go viral on Pinterest for business

pinterest for business
Go Viral

Here are a few of the best pieces of advice I have that have helped me get my pins viewed on Pinterest and get fantastic results, without further ado.

1. Have a Pinterest business account

You might be wondering how this might help you acquire Pinterest pins that go viral, but it can!

You have access to special features on Pinterest that are not shown in search results when you have a business account. For instance, Pinterest Analytics, which provides detailed information on your account and your top-performing pins and boards, is one of these services.

Although there are other unique aspects, I believe Pinterest analytics to be one of the most significant. You’ll discover further about how using your Pinterest Analytics may assist you in identifying your greatest content and developing a plan around it.

There are many more reasons, which I discuss in this piece, why I strongly advise creating a Pinterest business account, even if it isn’t absolutely required.

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2. Claim your website if you have one

pinterest for business
Claim your Website

Make sure to declare your website on Pinterest if you have one, especially if you link to it regularly with your material.

Many Pinterest marketers think that pins containing links to claimed websites receive more dissemination on Pinterest than ones without.

It becomes more legitimate when you declare your website on Pinterest since they are aware that it is you.

Claiming your website is simple and doesn’t call for a lot of technical knowledge. This step-by-step guide should be useful if you have a website that you are ready to claim.

3. Do keyword and trend research

pinterest for business
Trends Research

To observe results, in my opinion, conducting keyword and trend research is crucial.

As was already known, the Pinterest algorithm places a strong emphasis on relevancy. Pinterest must first comprehend the subject matter of the material in order to offer pertinent pins. Here, keywords are crucial.

There are a plethora of ways to uncover keywords on Pinterest, and I have a comprehensive guide on Pinterest keyword research that will show you how to do it in over 7 different ways.

I recently wrote a piece on three tools you may use to identify Pinterest keywords.

Here are some of my personal favorites, though:

     I. The Pinterest search bar

When you enter a term into the Pinterest search field, similar keywords and more specialized long-tail keywords will automatically appear in the Pinterest search recommendations.

Although they are more specialized (known as long-tail keywords), ranking for them might be a lot simpler! To see how I utilize long-tail keywords to get fantastic results, read my in-depth guide to them.)

These suggestions are based on popular searches made by other Pinterest users! They are thus excellent Pinterest keywords to target because you can be sure that people are looking for them.

   II. Pinterest keyword bubbles

             If you’ve been using Pinterest for a while, you might be aware that Pinterest term bubbles have a long history with us. We had them, they briefly vanished (and people pleaded for them to return! ), and then they suddenly resurfaced (let’s hope for good)!

Use these term bubbles if you can see them.

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III. Pinterest trends

You may use the Pinterest feature called Pinterest Trends to examine which subjects are trending at any given time and how popular they are in relation to one another.

This is a pretty useful tool because, in order to generate material that goes viral, it must be stuff that people want to see.

You may enter one or more subjects into Pinterest trends to see when those topics are the most popular as well as how popular each topic is in relation to the others.

4. Optimize for Pinterest SEO

pinterest for business

After conducting your keyword research, use your keywords to inform Pinterest of the subject matter of your article.  This will help you rank higher in the search engine and your content will be displayed in the relevant sections.

5. Optimize your Pinterest boards

pinterest for business
Pinterest Boards

This kind of relates to the last tip, but I wanted to bring it up again because Pinterest board SEO is so significant and sometimes disregarded!

Pinterest has acknowledged that when deciding what your pin is about, they also consider the board that it is pinned to.

To optimize a Pinterest board, follow these 3 steps:

  • Title of the Board
  • Board Description
  • saved pins on the board

6. Save your pin to the most relevant board

This is really crucial!

Whenever you save a new pin, be careful to save it to the board that is the most appropriate.

Since Pinterest no longer encourages content repinning, each pin should be kept to only one board. Make sure that this board is the most pertinent one possible.

Pinterest creates a connection between each board’s pins. To help Pinterest better rank and spread your material, make sure that every pin is pertinent and connected (this is part of Pinterest board SEO).

7. Experiment with different pin types

pinterest for business
Use Different kinds of pins

You may utilize a wide range of various pin kinds on Pinterest. Even though each one has unique skills, benefits, and drawbacks, playing with them might help you figure out which ones are ideal for your company and your objectives!

The following are the most typical pin types used by the typical pinner:

Standard Pins – Standard Pins are static graphics with links that might lead to other websites. The fundamental or original pin type is this.

Video Pins – Video Pins are pictures that can connect to an external URL, but since pinners must go through many steps to get the URL, conversion rates are frequently low. Video pins, however, typically receive excellent engagement and appear to be given preference in the Pinterest algorithm.

Idea Pins– are a multi-page pin type that supports both video and graphic content. Idea Pins CANNOT include links to other websites. You may, nevertheless, tag Pinterest users and goods (including affiliate links).

8. Focus on a pin design

Did you realize that your pin’s design has a significant impact on how many interactions it receives and, consequently, how much traction it gains on Pinterest?

My all-time favorite tool for creating pins is Canva. I use Canva to create almost all of my designs, and I now use the free version.

(However, if you’re seeking features like those, including stock pictures, brand kits, and organizing support, the subscription edition has a tonne more to offer.)

Here are some ideas for pin designs to think about:

  • Use bright, contrasting typography and light backgrounds.
  • Use the right pin sizes. (Vertical sizes are unquestionably the finest! At least 1000 x 1500 pixels are advised by Pinterest.)
  • Examine search results to determine the best-performing content and designs.
  • Try out different pin designs.
  • The text on your pin image may also be “read” by Pinterest, so make your typefaces bold so they stick out.
  • Be cautious while using script fonts because they can sometimes be hard to read.
  • Avoid stuffing your pin with text (Pinners might gloss over it)
  • enlarge your text
  • If they fit your budget, consider employing stock photographs (Many Pinterest marketers believe that using paid stock photos can help to increase your reach on Pinterest)

9. Focus on pin titles

pinterest for business
Attract audience with your titles

Now let’s get genuine. It wasn’t until I read an ebook by Pinterest guru Carly Campbell that I realised how crucial pin titles were.

(I’m referring to the pin titles on the pin picture rather than the pin title you provide before publishing a pin!)

Users’ interactions (or lack thereof) with your pins may be greatly influenced by the title of your Pinterest pins.

A pinner is more likely to click on your pin if it interests them and offers something useful.

Consequently, this is what you should do with your pin titles:

  • spark users’ interest
  • Display value
  • Encourage conversion

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10. Use a call to action to encourage engagement

Now let’s get genuine. It wasn’t until I read this booklet by Pinterest guru Carly Campbell that I realized how crucial pin names were.

Because they inspire people to act on your content, a call to action is a wonderful marketing strategy for Pinterest.

As was previously noted, doing this helps to raise your interaction rate, which may enable Pinterest to prioritize your pins. You may utilize a variety of calls to action to achieve a number of different goals.

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