How to Start Instagram for Business + How to Create Business Account

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Each month, more than one billion individuals use Instagram, and around 90 percent of them follow at least one brand. This suggests that adopting Instagram for business in 2022 will be a no-brainer.

In just more than a decade, Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing application to a center of commercial activity. Brands may host fundraisers with Instagram Live broadcasts, launch online stores from their profiles, and allow users to make reservations through their accounts. Updates to the application’s business tools, features, and advice have become commonplace.

Even if managing an Instagram business account is just one component of your profession, there might be a lot to remember. Therefore, everything has been gathered here.

Discover how to utilize Instagram for business, including how to create an account from scratch and how to evaluate your results.

6 steps to using Instagram for business:

Step 1: Get an Instagram business account

These methods may be used to create a new account from scratch or convert an existing personal account to a business account.

instagram for business
Personal account

How to open a business account on Instagram:

  • Install the Instagram app on your Windows, iOS, or Android device.
  • Launch the app, and then select Sign up.
  • Submit your email address. If you intend to offer access to numerous users or connect your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page, sign up using an admin email address or hit Log in with Facebook.
  • Select a username and password, then complete the profile information. You might be prompted to sign in if you used Facebook to log in.
  • Click Next.

Congrats! You have your own Instagram account. To change to a business account, adhere to the steps listed below.

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How to Convert a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Instagram Account:

instagram for business
Instagram business account
  • Tap the hamburger menu in the upper-right corner of your profile.
  • Select Settings. Switch to Professional Account may appear in this menu for some accounts. Tap it if you do. Otherwise, go to the next step.
  • Select Account.
  • Select Business (unless it makes sense for you to choose Creator).
  • If you want to connect your Instagram and Facebook business accounts, first connect your Instagram account to your Facebook Page.
  • Choose your company category and provide your contact information.
  • Select Done.

Step 2: Develop a successful Instagram strategy

instagram for business
Instagram Strategy

Define your intended audience

A solid grasp of your audience is the foundation of an effective social media strategy.

Investigate Instagram’s demographics to get a sense of who utilizes the platform. For example, 25-34-year-olds are the site’s greatest ad audience. Determine the major categories that overlap with your consumer base or focus on active niches.

We have produced a step-by-step tutorial that covers all the specifics since selecting your target market is one of the most crucial components of your marketing plan for any marketing product. Here’s the gist of it:

  • Determine who is already a customer of yours.
  • Examine the metrics on your other social media channels to find out who follows you.
  • Conduct competitor research and contrast how your target audiences differ.

Knowing who your audience allows you to generate more effective content. Examine the kind of material that your consumers upload and interact with, and use this information to influence your creative approach.

Establish goals and objectives

Your Instagram strategy should outline your goals for the platform.

Begin with your company goals and determine how Instagram may help you achieve them. To guarantee that your objectives are Specific, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely, we recommend using the SMART framework.

Keep track of the appropriate performance measures

It is simpler to determine relevant social media metrics to monitor once you have set your goals.

These will vary depending on the business, but in general, aim to focus on analytics connected to the social funnel.

Match your objectives to one of the four stages of the client journey:

  • Awareness: Measures of awareness include accounts reached, post impressions, and follower growth rate.
  • Engagement: Metrics for engagement include amplification rate (based on likes and comments) and engagement rate (based on shares).
  • Conversion: This covers indicators like the click-through rate and bounce rate in addition to the conversion rate. Cost per click and CPM are also included in conversion metrics if you use sponsored advertisements.
  • Customer: These metrics are based on the activities that customers perform, such as retention rates and return customer percentages.

Calendar your content

You may prepare to publish on Instagram with a purpose once your audience and objectives have been identified. A well-thought-out social media content calendar helps you to schedule ample time for creative output while ensuring you do not miss any deadlines.

Plot out and investigate the most significant events first. Back-to-school or tax season, holiday preparations, Black History Month, or particular days like International Hug Your Cat Day or Giving Tuesday may all fall under this category. Analyze sales data to determine when your clients begin making plans for particular events.

Look for chances to create themes or recurring episodes that you may expand into a series. You can tick out particular items with the help of “content buckets,” as they are sometimes referred to. The more advanced planning you undertake, the better you will be able to provide consistent content and react to unforeseen or unanticipated situations.

Consider publishing when your audience is online. One of the easiest strategies to increase organic reach is to post while people are active since newsfeed algorithms utilize “recency” as a key ranking indication.

You can examine the times and days that are most popular for your audience with an Instagram business account:

  1. Tap Insights from your profile page.
  2. Click See All next to Your Audience.
  3. View Most Active Times by scrolling down.
  4. Switch between the hours and the days to check if any particular time stands out.

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Step 3: Make your Instagram profile business-friendly

instagram for business
Business Friendly Account

By setting up an Instagram business profile, you may accomplish a lot in a small period of time. Users of Instagram could go there to learn more about your business, look around your website, or even schedule an appointment.

Make a compelling bio

People who read your bio were interested enough to go to your profile. So, grab their attention and convince them to follow you.

Your Instagram bio should sum up your business in 150 characters or less, especially if it is not immediately apparent, and highlight your brand voice.

Here are a few short pointers before you read our comprehensive guide to writing an excellent Instagram bio for your business:

  • Get to the point quickly: The goal is to keep things brief and pleasant.
  • Line breaks are used: Line breaks are a useful tool for structuring biographies that contain various sorts of information.
  • Embrace emoji: The correct emoji may be used to reduce space, add personality, support a point, or call attention to crucial information. Be certain to strike the ideal balance for your brand.
  • Insert a CTA: You want folks to click the link, right? Inform them of the benefits.

Improve your profile picture

The majority of firms use their logo as their profile photo while utilizing Instagram for business. To improve identification, keep your photo the same throughout social media networks.

The size you should try to upload is 320 x 320 pixels as your profile photo shows as 110 x 110 pixels but is really kept at that size. Make sure you consider the fact that, like the majority of profile icons, your photo will be surrounded by a circle.

Utilize the one link in your bio carefully

This is the only place on Instagram for accounts with under 10,000 followers where you may publish a natural, clickable link. Therefore, be sure to add one! Include a link to your website, most recent blog post, ongoing advertising campaign, or unique Instagram landing page.

Add pertinent contact information

It is crucial to provide a direct contact method on your profile when utilizing Instagram for business. Include your phone number, email address, and/or home address.

Instagram adds relevant call, text, email, or get directions buttons to your profile when you enter contact information.

Set up the action button

Customers may schedule appointments using buttons on Instagram company profiles. You must have an account with one of Instagram’s partners in order to utilize this feature.

Tap Edit Profile from your company profile then scrolls down to Action Buttons.

Step 4: Distribute top-notch content

Top-notch Content

Establish a visual language for your brand

Because Instagram is entirely visual, having a distinctive aesthetic identity is crucial.

Establish common themes for your pillars so you can switch them out. Sometimes the content will be very clear. A restaurant may upload pictures of its cuisine, much as a clothing business may display its items. If you provide services, consider sharing client success stories or going behind the scenes to demonstrate the employees that keep your business running smoothly.

Look for inspiration from different companies. For instance, Air France switches between photographs of the locations, the window seats, the travel conveniences, and the aircraft.

After selecting your themes, develop a unified visual style. When your fans see it in their Instagram feeds, they will immediately identify the color scheme and general look you have chosen.

Take eye-catching pictures

You just need to have excellent photographs if you want Instagram to succeed for your business. But neither a lot of equipment nor the status of a professional photographer are necessary.

When it comes to Instagram photos, your phone is your best buddy because you can post directly from it.

  • Utilize daylight: With a flash highlighting the oiliest areas of their skin and putting strange shadows on their nose and chin, nobody looks good. It holds true for product photos as well. Natural light only softens shadows, enriches colors, and improves the aesthetics of photographs.
  • Avoid bright lighting: The best time of day to shoot pictures is in the late afternoon. Sunny days are not ideal for midday shooting; cloudy days are.
  • Make use of the rule of thirds: You may adhere to this guideline with the aid of the built-in grid on your phone camera. In order to make an intriguing shot that is off-center yet balanced, place your subject where the grid lines meet.
  • Try various positions: As long as it is safe to do so, of course, crouch down or step on a chair to achieve the most fascinating angle for your image.
  • Ensure simplicity: Ensure that your image is simple to grasp at a glance.
  • Make sure the contrast is sufficient: Contrast gives text balance, improves legibility, and increases accessibility.

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Create catchy captions

Even though Instagram is mostly a visual medium, you should not ignore your captions.

You may share the narrative that gives a photo significance by using captions. Good writing may foster a sense of community and trust. Or it could just be amusing.

Reserve your InstagramStories for more informal stuff

Every day, more than 500 million people view Instagram Stories. To put things in perspective, Twitter as a whole sees 192 million daily users on average.

Even when it comes to brand material, people are attracted to the informal, vanishing character of the medium. According to a 2018 Facebook poll, 58% of respondents were interested in a business or product after seeing it in a Story.

This structure makes for a fantastic narrative platform, as should be expected. Create genuine brand narratives with a beginning, middle, and finish. Utilize Stories stickers to engage your audience and offer worthwhile content to encourage regular viewing of your Stories.

Remember that you may put links in your Instagram Stories if you have more than 10,000 followers.

Post often

Showing your followers that you are serious about managing an Instagram account for your business is essential. Posting high-quality material infrequently is insufficient. You must publish it frequently in order for your audience to know they can count on you to regularly provide engaging and informative material, making your brand worthwhile to follow.

Consequently, those who manage Instagram accounts for business must also take holidays and…sleep. That is where planning ahead for your posts comes in. In addition to assisting you in maintaining a regular content schedule, scheduling your Instagram posts with a social media management tool also saves you time and permits occasional breaks.

Step 5: Develop and interact with your audience

instagram for business
Engage with your Audience

Answer remarks and mentions

Respond to Instagram comments and mentions of your company to encourage customers to interact with your brand.

You might be tempted to use bots to automate your involvement. Not at all. We gave it a go, but it did not turn out so well. Spend some time replying in a real manner whenever your brand is mentioned or mentioned online.

To help the individual in this capacity maintain a constructive community, be sure to have social media standards, troll policies, and mental health services available.

Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags make it simpler for others to locate your Instagram post.

On Instagram, hashtags may be searched but captions cannot. All the material related to a hashtag is visible when someone clicks on it or searches for it. It is a fantastic approach to reaching readers who do not already follow you on social media.

Engage Instagram influencers in collaboration

A dedicated and active Instagram following may be attained through influencer marketing.

Find artists and influencers whose followers could be interested in your company. Start with your current clientele. It is likely that you already have powerful brand ambassadors; all you need to do is formalize the partnership. The greater the relationship, the more sincere it must be.

Utilize Instagram advertisements to reach a sizable, specific audience

Organic reach is declining and has been for some time, which is no secret. By making an investment in Instagram advertisements, you can put your content in front of a large yet focused audience.

Instagram advertising has call-to-action buttons that enable users to take action directly from Instagram, minimizing the number of steps needed to get them to your website or store. Instagram advertisements also help to increase the reach of your content.

Step 6: Evaluate achievements and make changes

instagram for business

Monitoring outcomes with analytics tools

You must monitor your success in accomplishing your objectives while utilizing Instagram for business.

You get access to Instagram’s built-in analytics feature if you have a business profile on the site. Remember that Instagram Insights only records data going back 30 days.

Other analytics solutions, like Hootsuite’s, are also available and can track longer time periods, automate reporting, and make it simpler to compare Instagram numbers with those of other platforms.

Try out fresh strategies and equipment

Do not stop at A/B testing. Social networking has always required trial-and-error learning. So, have an open mind and never pass up the chance to see how new formats affect the platform.

For instance, Hootsuite conducted a haphazard experiment to determine the total impact of publishing Reels on account growth. Even the impact of including a link in your Instagram profile on post engagement was studied. It is a good idea to do your study and look at the facts if you have a sense that something is working so you can determine why.

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