How video conference call can improve your business?

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In the past when video conference call trend had not permeated the corporate world, it used to take a lot of time and energy for businesses to gather their most important players for company meetings. Employee productivity would likely suffer as a result of the extra work, which would have a negative financial impact.

The good news is that new innovations often lead to new opportunities for businesses of all sizes. In other words, the concept of a conference call is not novel. The concept has been around for quite some time. What is novel is the astronomical scale of advantages that the best conference call services of the present can provide, all thanks to technological advances.

Conference calling has significantly evolved in recent years thanks to the availability of more sophisticated phone networks and the arrival of VOIP. Today, conference calls are a crucial part of international corporate businesses. Online presentations or document sharing can be done in conjunction with web conferences. This enables call participants to view content offered to them by one of the participants, such as corporate reports, sales statistics, and company data. The capacity of the presenter to provide precise explanations and share information about a document as others watch the presentation, is its key advantage.

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A group of people can easily connect over the phone during conference calls. The dial-in number and a phone are all they require. Conference calls, which are essentially telephone calls that allow a person to speak to multiple people at once, can be set up so that the person who is being called can participate in the call or so that they can only listen in.

Conference calls are widely used in businesses for a wide variety of purposes, including but not limited to: client meetings or sales presentations; meetings and updates on projects; regular team meetings; training classes; and communication between personnel working in different locations.

The growth of video conference call

Since the emergence of remote and hybrid work, there has been a dramatic increase in demand for video calling. These experts perform better when given feature-rich, simple-to-use tools. Their penchant for in-the-moment communication has helped the market grow tremendously.

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According to Lifesize’s 2019 Impact of Video Conferencing Report, there was already a significant trend in place before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. However, according to Fortune Business Insights, the rise of Covid-19 led to a significant global increase in the video conferencing industry in 2020, which reached $5.77 billion. As an illustration, Zoom’s profits increased by 300% that year. Unsurprisingly, Fortune Business Insights projects that the industry will keep expanding and surpass $12.99 billion in 2028.

Benefits of video conference call

The growth of conference calling has been fueled by declining costs, changing demand patterns, and simplicity of use. Since many office workers have been compelled to work remotely over the past several years, it has even become a tool of crucial importance for many firms all over the world. Although employees have always interacted with one another, we are now more aware of the tremendous benefits that collaborative, team-focused work environments can provide for businesses.

1) Using video conference call feature improves employees’ efficiency

The ideal means of communication for staff members is face-to-face encounters. The issue is that the time lost in meetings could be used to generate income or develop fresh business concepts.

Ineffective meetings are not caused by the amount of time that is actually spent in them. The problems arise from the time that employees must allocate to planning and travelling to meetings. When a company has many locations, it takes time, effort, and money to gather the important individuals in one conference room or other meeting place. All participants find it far more convenient to participate in meetings when conference calling is used.

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Attendees just need to press the pause button on what they are doing for a little period of time in order to take part in a conference call, regardless of where they may be seated throughout the meeting. Participants can return to their jobs immediately after the call is completed. It does not get any better for firms focused on efficiency than that.

2) It provides flexibility to arrange more meetings

The option to plan additional meetings could be just what the doctor ordered if increased communication increased employee performance in performing their tasks.

How frequently has someone in your company resisted the need to arrange a crucial meeting due to practical concerns? With all the possibilities that today’s conference call service providers allow, meetings can be scheduled and held haphazardly or with little to no advance planning. The time required for one regular meeting could be divided into numerous meetings by solving logistical challenges. Employees and outside parties will have more opportunity to share knowledge and ideas as a result.

3) It enhances telecommuting

Employees can now telecommute thanks to technology. It is no longer required for employees to regularly physically sit in an office, as long as they have the ability to work from home. If workers do not require office space, any business may save a lot of money.

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The only drawback to the telecommuting model has always been the limitations on employee interaction and information sharing. The flexibility offered by modern conference calling solutions has virtually solved this problem. With nothing more than a mobile smartphone, employees can hold meetings with company representatives and among themselves while travelling to the next client or supplier. No need to book office space.

Final Thoughts

As a medium for communication, conferencing is expanding at an all-time high. Businesses want to take advantage of the increased collaboration’s proven advantages. Those that use conferencing calling immediately reap its many advantages.

Reduced travel costs and higher productivity are tangible advantages. Even more significant benefits include enhanced corporate relationships, improved communication, and increased meeting effectiveness. The organisations strengthen their competitive edge by increasing employee satisfaction and minimising environmental impact.

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