Humanity’s Journey with Technology: From being on foot to space

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It is a long journey comprised of a hundred thousand technological milestones. For the nomadic man of the oldest age, technology was there with the very first fire spark since the technique of rubbing two stones together allowed him to go from eating plants to consuming cooked grains and meat. The technology dimension was present in the rounded stone that man initially used to roll objects, and with the development of that technology dimension came the wheel. And we are well aware of how this wheel has grown from a basic wooden board to donkey carts or three-wheeled wagons to the cars of today. Thus, technology had shaped itself alongside man. Man’s restless and ungrateful character kept him desiring more conveniences, propelling technological advancement.

Today, technology permeates our environment. It has so completely absorbed us that we no longer perceive its presence nearby. It is in our processed and genetically engineered foods, our closets, our door locks, our laundry, our cleaning mechanisms, and even our toilets. Thus, there is no location devoid of technology.

Technology has dramatically altered our lives by making them less manual. In fact, it has altered our lifestyle. Technology has become a need rather than a convenience. It has made us dependent upon it. Simply put, we are completely dependent on it. This reliance is evident in the fact that we cannot simply set aside our mobile phones for an hour. This also helps us realise that we have begun to take technology for granted and no longer perceive the impact it has made in our lives compared to the past.

We have been able to reduce our efforts and save time and money thanks to technology’s immense assistance. By removing communication boundaries and transforming the globe into a global community, it has made our lives easier and more pleasant compared to the pre-Internet period. During the covid-19 pandemic, it has even enabled people to experience emotional connection and association without being in the same physical location. This has been extremely vital and significant. It has provided fresh insights on reflection, analysis, deliberation, comprehension, and application. It has aided us in the advancement of all fields by making communication more rapid and convenient. Technology has contributed to the improvement of disease treatment and has greatly advanced curative and remedial equipment. Its communication capabilities have also helped us learn about and comprehend other cultures, societies, and civilisations.

Therefore, all technical phenomena are the result of science and technology, including paper, fabric, pharmaceuticals, glass, plastic, fiber, power, radio, television, cellphones, laptops, computers, vehicles, smart devices, smart homes, smart environment, ships, jets, and aircraft, etc.

However, the narrative does not finish here. It appears that man has achieved the pinnacle of technical brilliance or has traveled the entire distance and is on the approach of the technological period. But No! How a human drive may lead to disaster. Neither the manner nor the technology can be stopped since both must continue. So technology enabled man to go beyond his own world, into space, and from planet to planet. Aww! Something exists outside of his solar system!!! Eww! This universe is enormous!!! What! There is also another cluster of stars and planets!!! Ooo! It is a different galaxy!!! Ohh! There are even more galaxies!!! OMG! This cosmos is limitless. YES!!! It has no limit; it is just limitless!!!

Then, with the question “Does life exist outside the Earth?” in mind, man began to use technology in a new manner. He used telescopes first, then artificial satellites and space rovers, and finally a man-equipped spaceship to set foot on the moon, successfully land over Mars, photograph distant planets, explore other galaxies, and has now safely arrived in L2 (the second Lagrange Point) and captured infrared photos of galaxies that are approximately two thousand light-years away. Man is always striving to discover the hidden areas of the cosmos in order to find the solution to his inquiry. The newest James Web Telescope investigation is part of his quest to discover the hidden features of the cosmos and locate life elsewhere. It can indicate a life-sustaining environment and circumstances. Man can now peer further into space to identify distant planets and galaxies from 4.5 billion years ago.

As a result, technology will continue to advance. It is developing swiftly in every dimension, and it may even be quicker than humans. This is the most concerning aspect. It is high time to take control of technology; artificial intelligence and the robotic generation should only move with us; they should not be allowed so much freedom that they can ever rule us.

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