Information Transparency and Liberty

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Our culture is so dependent on deceit and obscurity that pushing for transparency and the democratisation of knowledge may constitute a complete political ideology.

As opposed to claiming to know what is best for society, it is entirely valid to support providing people with the knowledge tools needed to see the truth about what is occurring so that they may collectively decide what course to follow.

This would entail supporting the elimination of the widespread deceptions and manipulations employed by those in power to sway public opinion, behaviour, and voting decisions. It would also entail providing them with the democratic infrastructure required to direct their civilisation in response to the factual information to which they have access.

It would entail campaigning for openness for all institutions with any level of influence over the populace and supporting the repeal of government secrecy. Whether political, corporate, or financial entities, greater openness should be demanded of those with more authority and influence.

Supporting this would include calling for the democratisation of information and abolishing media propaganda. It would entail dismantling organisations with the excessive information-sharing capacity and granting additional information-sharing capacity to others that lack it. Individual voices and ideas can be collectively supported by the public, but no voice is given an undue edge in determining whether or not that will happen. The public affects the public rather than just a few wealthy individuals.

It would entail advocating against algorithmic manipulation and internet restriction so that the people, rather than a few influential individuals or organisations, decide what information they see and what they find attractive.

It entails opposing the imprisonment of journalists and an end to the war on media. All initiatives to boost the powerful’s level of openness and to share information in the public interest would be commended, not penalised.

It would entail the total lack of any institution regulating people’s access to knowledge or ideas in any way. 

Because information control is so critical to the continuation of our current status quo systems, achieving information transparency is just as extreme a goal as any other revolutionary philosophy. Rather than claiming to know whether ideological paradigms, such as communism or capitalism, are better or worse, one just advocates allowing people to decide themselves collectively.

True information freedom may be as dangerous to the ego as absolute societal liberty because having no control means having no one to stop it from moving in the wrong way. What if things I dislike become popular? What if people start having false ideas and believing incorrect things?

This, however, is, in my opinion, part of the charm. Genuinely removing the brakes on how information travels through our environment and allowing humanity to take full, unrestricted use of the interconnection of our brains at this unique juncture in terrestrial history might have disastrous consequences, but it could also have positive outcomes. And whatever transpires would be the result of our own decisions, not those of a handful of powerful manipulators.

And currently, the latter is occurring. We are on the verge of extinction due to environmental disasters or nuclear war. It is all because of decisions made by powerful individuals who constantly attempt to control what thoughts and information we absorb. If knowledge was really liberated, combined with our potential to jointly influence the future course of humankind, it is difficult to believe that we would muck it up worse than they have.

And whatever future we construct together will be with our own permission, as opposed to the consent created by elite manipulators. If we have seen all and yet chosen our own demise, we will have made that decision. Whatever occurs, mankind will demonstrate to the cosmos its true nature. What we as a species truly are.

In my perspective, this is the appearance of genuine freedom. Providing humanity with the means to travel in any direction it chooses, even the path of the dinosaurs.

I believe this is the most prudent position to adopt if you cherish freedom.

Wanting to discover the truth means desiring that it be known not just in the world but also in your own life, even if it is difficult or embarrassing. Want to become aware of toxic patterns in your interpersonal interactions. Wishing for your unhealed traumas to be brought into the light of consciousness so they might be healed. Want your misconceptions to be exposed so that truth might eradicate them. I want everything to be revealed, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It is conceivable for a person to spend a whole life led by truth, and I believe it is also feasible for the entire human race to do so. We can all work to get it if we decide we wish it. We may all decide that we are fed off of being lied to, manipulated, and fed off of the backward status quo of concealment for the powerful and monitoring for the rest of us, and we can use the strength of our numbers to compel change.

Then, armed with the knowledge of the truth, we can decide jointly whether we want to live in a world that is oriented toward harmony or forgetfulness, no matter what.

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