Is Fiverr Freelance Still Effective in 2023? Full Review

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In this article, I’ll provide a review of Fiverr Freelance, a well-known marketplace that provides a range of freelance digital marketing services. If you’re new to Fiverr and want to buy your first gig but are worried if it will be worthwhile for your time and money, or if you want to try to market your services as a freelancer but you are unsure how to earn money on Fiverr, this review will answer all of your worries. At the end of the article, I’ll also include a list of a few effective tactics to help you start making money on Fiverr right now.

Review of Fiverr                                                     

Fiverr is a great network for freelancers and buyers, but it’s crucial to rely on your own expertise because low-priced assignments, even those with a 5-star rating, could damage your career. It is simple to become a seller on Fiverr and make money if you have the relevant skills and are prepared to put in the effort.

Fiverr has undergone significant development in recent years. The company has removed a lot of bad services, but sometimes you could still encounter one. If something goes wrong, customer service will treat you with respect. After all, Fiverr is a marketplace. You can handle everything if you utilize common sense.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is a platform (marketplace) where freelancers may sell and buy services. With a database of more than 3 million gigabytes, it is currently among the largest digital service markets in the world. Fiverr has been available on the market since 2010.

The title is derived from the $5 price tag that each gig once had. 2014 saw the removal of the $5 pricing cap on Fiverr. As the market has grown, gigs have significantly increased in both quantity and quality, and you can now find just about any desired service there.

How Does Fiverr Work in 2023?

fiverr freelance
How does it work?

Like any other marketplace, Fiverr operates similarly. Buyers who are interested in these services inquire about the sellers’ listed services (gigs), and if they are happy with the responses, they make a purchase. Fiverr serves as a mediator, making sure that the result is acceptable to all parties. The 20% that Fiverr withholds from each transaction. Fiverr will pay the vendor within two weeks after the buyer confirmed delivery and the seller completed the gig ( even quicker if you are a trusted member).

What is a Fiverr Gig?

fiverr freelance
Fiverr Gigs

Gigs are the names given to the services that the sellers (professionals) on the Fiverr marketplace provide. The fee for the gig might be between $5 and $10,000. There is typically an upsell for extra, higher-quality services, even if the majority of services only cost $5.

The cost of digital services has significantly increased during the past few years. As a result, consumers are willing to pay greater costs for these services. Fiverr is no exception; there, the costs of the services offered have also increased. There are still a few services that are $5, but the majority of them are considerably more expensive.

The bulk of Fiverr gigs fall into one of these categories, each of which includes 30 subcategories:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphics & Design
  • Video & Animation
  • Writing & Translation
  • Lifestyle
  • Music & Audio
  • Business
  • Programming & Tech

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Is Fiverr Legal?

Fiverr is a legal marketplace for both customers and merchants, yes. Some Fiverr “hustlers” attempt to take advantage of your service or give you a service that isn’t as good as it was promised to be. The purchasers can, however, always review the service and report whether it satisfies the requirements or not.

  • Fiverr is a reliable company with customer care that will help you with any problem you may have and will respond to your ticket within 24 hours of receiving it.
  • You can ask for an extension on the delivery date or an immediate refund if a seller doesn’t deliver your item on the schedule.
  • All transactions have been accurately documented.
  • Your personal and billing information that you do not wish to share with others is protected by an SSL certificate on Fiverr.
  • Additionally, Fiverr provides a simple approach to locating skilled freelancer sellers; you can examine their ratings and levels as well as customer reviews.
  • Fiverr has launched a testing process for sellers, and you can see if they succeeded or not.
  • Additionally, there is an additional verification procedure where merchants reveal details about their training and past.
  • The opportunity for Fiverr sellers to highlight businesses they have previously worked with gives their profile more credibility and reliability. Potential customers can use this feature to view the different kinds of businesses the seller has worked with before deciding whether or not to hire them.

Problems You May Face While Using Fiverr and How Can You Fix Them

The majority of problems arise from buyers’ irrational assumptions. They anticipate receiving first-rate service for a fair price. Or they purchase a gig from a brand-new seller without any reviews. And they become furious if the seller falls short of their standards. What then can you do if your order has a problem?

  • If a seller hasn’t fulfilled your order by the deadline, get in touch with them first before contacting assistance. If the seller is unwilling to address the problem, request a refund.
  • Request modifications if a seller gave you a poor-quality job that wasn’t what was promised. If you’re unhappy, ask for a refund.
  • Accept your order but keep in mind to ask a seller detailed questions before placing an order to avoid misunderstandings the next time. This applies if a seller fulfilled your order as promised however you were expecting the job to be done in a different fashion (not as advertised).
  • There is, regrettably, little that can be done about the fact that Fiverr is adding $2 to every order, including those that cost $5. Their approach to pricing motivates them to boost sales.

Fiverr Account Sign Up

The Fiverr sign-up process is fairly simple and simple to understand, especially for customers. It will take a bit extra time to set up your profile and add gigs if you would like to become a seller on Fiverr in order to start earning money.

If you wish to register as a buyer, click here to begin your Fiverr adventure. Use your email address, Facebook profile, or Google profile to sign up. You must come up with a username. Don’t forget that you won’t be able to change it later. You can utilize Fiverr with all of its features once you’ve activated your account.

The procedure is a bit different for people who want to sign up as sellers on Fiverr. I’ll go into more depth about it in the sentences that follow.

Fiverr Buying         

Buying gigs was really straightforward thanks to Fiverr. Your order is sent in a few of days once you provide all the necessary details (often even fewer). That seems really easy, no? Before placing an order, take the time to read what I have to say, though, as Fiverr might not be as trustworthy as it first appears to be.

In my opinion, Fiverr’s inconsistent rating system is the fundamental cause of its poor reputation. Continue reading if you don’t want to make the same mistakes I did and waste your time and money on sellers who provide terrible service because I’m about to show you how to do it.

It is extremely tough to locate a good gig on Fiverr for a low price given the lack of outstanding services offered there for $5. However, there are a few instances where you can truly pay $5 and get a respectable job:

  • In order to raise the gig’s rating and collect client feedback, a new seller is offering his skills for a bargain price. Price increases are inevitable.
  • The seller comes from a third-world nation where $5 is a large sum of money. This does not imply that all sellers from these nations produce excellent work (in many cases, they do not).
  • A gig is simple and effortless (a seller is usually using some sort of software). These kinds of gigs, despite their promises, may be damaging to your company.

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Fiverr is Home to Fake Reviews

That is accurate, though I’m not precisely sure how it functions. And a lot of people, including myself, have fallen for that trap and bought services from sellers with 5-star ratings only to receive poor service in return. If something is “as advertised,” many consumers will give it a 5-star review even if the quality is poor. This usually happens when working on SEO and link-building projects. Since many new Fiverr clients lack prior SEO understanding, they are forced to rely only on the seller’s knowledge, which is oftentimes rather poor (i.e. sellers often focus on building links instead of giving an actual benefit to the website). To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure to clearly communicate your needs to the seller before you ask them to perform something.

These can help you successfully land a gig if you’re just starting out.

Tips for Buyers on Fiverr

  • Invest some effort in gig research. Choose 5–15 sellers who can meet your demands.
  • Save the merchants you like best to a collection. Distribute sellers according to categories. In this manner, getting high-quality services will always be convenient.
  • Examine the caliber of performances by reading reviews. Scroll down and check for unfavorable reviews instead of reading all the 5-star ones.
  • Do not be misled by the “Level One Seller” designation. That does not guarantee the quality of the service; it simply shows how many Gigs the seller has finished. It is far better to work with merchants who have a good reputation.
  • Check the work’s accuracy. Never rely on the description of a gig or the seller’s expertise. The seller is accountable for finishing the task he agreed to. It is your responsibility as the customer to confirm if the work he gave will be helpful to your company. The seller frequently has your best interests in mind, but their main priority is making money.
  • Make sure to request any special considerations before placing your order if you have any. Then, everyone will be informed of what must be done.
  • Try to be reasonable; if you have a tight budget, Fiverr is a fantastic location to save money. On Fiverr, you may get a gig from a trustworthy seller for $5–$10, but elsewhere you would have to pay $20–$25 (and occasionally even more) for the same service. Sometimes spending a little more money with a reputable company makes more sense than wasting time looking for a Fiverr seller you can rely on to deliver top-notch services. You also have access to customer support on Fiverr, and if something goes wrong, you’ll get a refund.
  • I advise you to look for a few trustworthy sellers on Fiverr who can help you expand your company by offering a variety of services. Even though the procedure requires some time, it is wholly worthwhile. This is a win-win situation because you already know the people you are dealing with and don’t need to find a new seller every time you need to purchase a gig, and because you have become a devoted customer, the supplier is more motivated to produce top-notch work.

Over the past ten years, I’ve used Fiverr for a variety of projects, such as paying someone to design a professional logo for me, building my website, writing content, recording a voice-over, and editing a video. Additionally, I’ve paid individuals to generate content for my website. My observations suggest significant disparities in the caliber of the work produced by different sellers.

I’ve found that generally speaking, the lowest-priced sellers and those with the fewest reviews tend to deliver inferior quality. On the other hand, sellers that charge more and have a lot of positive feedback are often much more knowledgeable and deliver superior quality. The regulation can, however, infrequently be disregarded.

You must first select a trustworthy seller before you can obtain high-quality services on Fiverr. Try and negotiate a price that works for both of you once you’ve discovered a seller you like.

I typically choose the 6-month plan when making a purchase on Fiverr. This saves me time because I don’t have to beg for changes or refunds, and it pays off immediately because a pro is handling the assignment. Additionally, I still get a 20% discount when I sign up for a six-month subscription even if the seller opts to increase his costs.

Fiverr Pro for Sellers

There are two types of sellers on Fiverr: those who have pro status and those who do not. Holders of the Pro designation have been verified by the Fiverr team and are anticipated to provide services of a higher standard. However, many users assert that as soon as sellers reach the pro level, they raise their prices. Because of this, using Fiverr Pro is often not worthwhile. But if you can afford it, go ahead and buy it.

Buying Backlinks for Websites on Fiverr     

fiverr freelance

Generally speaking, buying backlinks is a bad idea since it is against Google’s Terms of Service. That normally doesn’t prevent many people, though. You may ask to see a sample of the seller’s prior work if you are an SEO professional who is knowledgeable about the most recent changes to search engine algorithms. You examine the situation and decide whether it makes sense for your niche to purchase this kind of connection. I understand that it could be tempting to do this, especially if you see that your competitors are using low-quality backlinks and ranking highly on Google, but doing this repeatedly will have the opposite effect on your business.

Buying Traffic for Website on Fiverr

This entire category was eliminated (this is one of the Fiverr enhancements that I mentioned before). Customers may now look for guest posts and press releases, which are much more reliable ways to drive traffic to your website, rather than purchasing fake traffic gigs.

How to Sell Services on Fiverr?

Anyone may start selling their abilities on the marketplace by setting up a profile and a gig on Fiverr. All you have to do is sign up and adhere to the detailed instructions. After then, your gig will start to appear in search results for queries about your service. Fiverr is giving new gigs a bit more attention (or exposure). Additionally, if you provide excellent customer service and continue to get positive feedback, the volume of orders will rise quickly.

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How to Become a Seller on Fiverr?

Use this link to get started, and then press the “Become A Seller” button. By clicking this, you can get to a step-by-step walkthrough.

You must follow these 5 simple steps:

  • Create your seller profile first.
  • Construct the gig.
  • Include an introduction video.
  • Present a bundle (the best way to boost your earnings).
  • Include extras in your gig (helps boost the revenue).

The first two steps are all that is required, however, the next three will help you increase traffic and money.

As you can see, setting up your shop on Fiverr is incredibly simple.

Fiverr Coupon 2023

On Fiverr, discounts are only accessible to first-time users. Right present, our readers are unable to use any coupons. It’s preferable to just set up a task that will need minimal labor from you (15-30 minutes tops), deliver the work, and earn money than to waste your time trying hundreds of ineffective discounts.

Fiverr: Is It A Scam?

fiverr freelance
Scam or Not?

Fiverr is not a scam, no. However, it gets the lowest BBB rating because there are a lot of Fiverr sellers who offer really poor services (though clearly not all of them). Red flags to watch out for include the following:

  • False reviews (usually written by the same person over and over again).
  • A new seller offering a high ticket service for an absurdly low cost.
  • Sellers who lack efficient communication.
  • A seller who has a lot of orders waiting in the queue but few reviews recently.

Use common sense and ask questions if something about the performance seems off to relieve your concerns. You can ask sellers to let you go through the results of their previous orders. The good news is that you are able to use Fiverr to solve any issues, and if you’re not satisfied with anything, you can get a refund.

Is it safe to use Fiverr?

No, and yes. Yes, the website is absolutely safe and you shouldn’t be afraid if by “safe” you mean the privacy of the website. However, if you’re asking if all Fiverr gigs are “safe” for your internet business, then I’m afraid the answer is no. For instance, you should think twice before purchasing 20,000 backlinks for your new website to improve SEO or phony YouTube channel views. However, there are a lot of great gigs on Fiverr that can greatly contribute to the growth of your business.

What Should You Sell On Fiverr?

Selling your talents and skills on Fiverr can help you make money. If you don’t know where to start, check out the top services on Fiverr and make a gig that effectively offers the same thing with less money (if you know how to do it, of course). If you get a few good reviews, you can increase the price.

If you discover that you cannot offer any of the well-known Fiverr services, it’s time to learn some new skills. Nowadays, you can practically do anything for free online. I gained a lot of practical SEO, marketing, and design skills through one of the biggest online learning sites called Skillshare which helped me grow my business.

Along with SEO and Internet Marketing, you could consider creating gigs in the video business (Video Creation, Video Logo Creation, Video Intros, and Outros). If you are skilled at it, you will receive a lot of orders because it is always in demand. 

How to Earn Money on Fiverr?

If you’re thinking about using Fiverr to generate money online, you’re in luck. There are many different methods to make money on Fiverr. I’ll offer a set of general recommendations that can be used in any sector.

  • Make sure there is a need for what you offer if you can’t give customers anything special that can generate demand on its own. For instance, if you look up “voice-overs,” you’ll see that most gigs have orders queued up, indicating that clients are eager for this kind of service.
  • Look for services that are in high demand but are not widely available.
  • Create a gig offering the same thing (of course, you must be skilled at it), fix a cheap price, and begin earning money.
  • Make a decision regarding the amount of money you want to earn and the time required to finish the task. Set a fair asking price. To make $100, you don’t want to produce 24 articles and sell them for just $5 each. Keep in mind that you will also need to devote some time to amending orders and answering to client inquiries.
  • Make the proper optimizations for your gig. The vast majority of users will look for gigs using the search bar. You want your gig to be highly ranked on Fiverr for the services you provide as a result. Look at the job descriptions, titles, keywords, and tags for the equivalent roles that are currently ranking high. Apply it to your listing—but don’t exactly replicate it—just make it seem that way. Utilize the “Available Now” selection.
  • Selling your services to businesses and then outsourcing to independent contractors on Fiverr is the easiest and one of the most lucrative things you can do. On Fiverr, look for a group of sellers you can work with right now. Once you’ve put together a team, present a polished portfolio and business plan to companies and other prospective clients to show them what you have to offer. You might make a good living as a middleman if you give firms high-quality services.

Fiverr is a fantastic resource for independent contractors who want to meet clients and start a profitable business. However, many people don’t know how to make the most of Fiverr’s capabilities. Be innovative. Many individuals just think about Fiverr as a place where they may hire workers elsewhere. However, as many sellers offer poor services, those who are authorities in their field acquire several daily orders and profit handsomely.

Never discount Fiverr. One gig can be sold initially, and as you gain expertise and improve your position in the market, your business will eventually grow.


A legitimate website with a ton of fantastic services and reliable sellers and buyers is On Fiverr, not everyone is a delight to deal with, just like anywhere else. However, a large portion of the Fiverr network is made up of hardworking individuals who deliver high-quality services for the purchasers’ online enterprises. When it is time to order SEO gigs, I strongly advise depending on your expertise. And all you need to do to succeed if you want to start selling on Fiverr is to offer a high-quality service, be accountable and committed, and work hard. I think Fiverr is a fantastic resource for anybody looking to launch a successful internet business.

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