How to make your Zoom meeting productive and fruitful?

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The Covid-19 pandemic has resurfaced. Cases are rising worldwide owing to Omicron’s many infectious and more transmissible variants. This has forced the corporate world to arrange work-related meetings digitally. As a result, an increasing number of companies are using Zoom and other online conferencing tools to hold meetings with clients and workers around the world. Virtual meetings offer numerous advantages, but they also bring some unique etiquette problems that might be perplexing if you are unfamiliar with them or have little experience with them.

This article will assist you in overcoming these obstacles and enable you to make the most of your next online meeting by discussing everything from meeting preparation to post-meeting actions.

What you should do first and foremost is to follow the following steps:

Be punctual

Being punctual for a Zoom meeting demonstrates that you value other attendees’ time and are well-organised. If you get late for a Zoom meeting, you will not be forgiven for excuses such as electricity outages, traffic, or car trouble.

Prepare beforehand and be at your computer a few minutes before to the start of the meeting.

Use high-quality audio and video devices

Good Quality Deivces

For efficient communication, it is essential to have great audio. Thus, we recommend utilising high-quality headphones and cameras. Using the microphone and speakers installed on your computer, your coworkers can hear every background sound. Therefore, your coworkers will just hear your voice and will be unaffected by any background noise if you use high-quality audio devices.

Additionally, it is essential to test your audio, video, and camera connections before the beginning of your conversation. Thus, you will avoid embarrassing pauses and unanticipated technical issues throughout your discussion.

Make sure to be on mute until you speak

Until it is your moment to talk, the easiest way to avoid disrupting a Zoom meeting is to ensure your microphone is muted. Thus, background noise will not mistakenly impede the flow of the dialogue. To indicate to the host that you wish to talk, you might signal with a raised hand.

If you do not mute your microphone, some individuals might still hear the telephone or doorbell ringing, someone banging on your door, your dog barking, your children screaming, or any other sound.

By muting yourself and remaining silent, you will be able to maintain a quiet voice and enable others to speak without being disturbed by your loud voice. When you need to talk, you can disable your mute.

Don’t eat, smoke, or slurp your drink

As you would in person, observing proper etiquette when participating in a Zoom call is crucial. That means no eating, smoking, or sipping your drink. It is not only disrespectful and impolite, but it also distracts others in the meeting.

NO Smoking and eating

In addition, if your microphone captures the sound of you eating or slurping, it might be distracting for others. Therefore, do everyone a favour and reserve the munchies till after the call.

Be in an appropriate posture and maintain eye contact

Maintaining eye contact is respectful and demonstrates your interest in the topic. Avoid moving around or constantly fidgeting, as it might be distracting. Additionally, it is essential to be conscious of your facial expressions and to smile when appropriate.

Maintaining eye contact with those speaking and listening carefully during a group conversation is courteous.

Ensure that you look at each participant for the same amount of time, regardless of whether or not they can see you. Looking at them directly stimulates meaningful participation and makes people feel involved in the discourse.

Speak clear and not too loud

It is crucial to remember to talk plainly and not too loudly during video calls. This is because the microphone can pick up and enhance your speech, which might be distracting for the other party. Additionally, refrain from interrupting others and wait for your turn.

Ensure that your speaking volume does not interfere with anyone else’s; therefore, keep this in mind when speaking.

Maintain appropriate background and dress well

When on a video conference, it is necessary and mandatory to be aware of your house or the location where you are attending the meeting. You do not want your background to be overly distracting or appear to be not paying attention to the conversation.

Nice Background

Similarly, you should dress for a Zoom meeting as you would for an in-person encounter. This demonstrates that you value the other person’s time and are committed to the dialogue. For example, for a phone interview for a job, you should wear professional clothes and maintain your surroundings clean and elegant.

Stable internet is a must

During a Zoom call, a steady and uninterrupted internet connection is essential. If your internet connection is poor, the audio and video quality of the call may be compromised. In addition, frequent disconnection might be frustrating for all parties concerned.

If there are problems with your connection, it may be difficult for attendees to hear or see one another. This can also affect call quality and cause disruptions for other participants. Always do an internet speed test prior to your meeting to verify you have sufficient bandwidth.


These easy etiquette suggestions can make your Zoom meetings more productive and entertaining for all participants. By valuing the time, space, and technology of others, you may foster an atmosphere favourable to fruitful cooperation.

Follow these guidelines to conduct yourself professionally at a meeting.

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