To My Beloved “Mother” By Sara Bibi

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I sensed your love when I born,

I felt your warmth when I born,

It felt as if,

Like the first time the moon and Sun which I saw,

My first grin to you I gave,

You were the enchanting universe which I saw.

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Stunningly open-hearted, you glow bright,

You, it is, making my eyes light,

Oh, mother you are my life,

You, it is, the dream that flashes in my eyes,

Oh, mother you are my life.

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As wholly slowly I’ve grown,

The love I have for you has grown,

When your finger touches my hand,

And your arm is placed around my head,

It makes my day sparkle and glow.

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You are where I go to calm,

You are there when I fall,

You are why I beam,

You are that keeps me going.

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The spirit in me you nourished to grow,

The heart you gave me when,

Mine broke down,

A gentle marvel, you are to me,

You taught me how to find,

The light in the dark,

I wish to make you proud,

Of all that I do.

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It is you, who gave me wings,

To ascend higher and higher,

You showed me,

How to reach for the sky,

What would I do if I did not have you?

As for my cracked chest,

I have your back,

You are allowing the sky to soar,

I owe my life to you, my mother.

To My Beloved Mother

It feels as if though,

Now I am a part of your soul,

Where do you find my worries?

That I try to keep out of your eyes.

Understood I have it now,

It is to you I owe all my cheers.

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A life with you is a life worth living

I find no other miracle as such appealing,

I adore you all my day,

For enhancing my life in so many ways,

Thank you for enlightening me,

 and then letting me free,

This is what you mean to me.

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I am someone whom,

You can always rely on,

With a generous spirit,

I am a good buddy of yours,

You may talk and converse to me,

Do not be afraid to ask for help,

During a rejuvenating stroll across the park,

Uplift you from the depths I will,

Understand your every expression and frown,

You can make jokes and have fun,

Better to know who I am,

I am your second half.

The poem is written by Sara Bibi, a student of English Literature at University of Malakand.

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