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Beauty Salons: Hotbeds Of Diseases

What are beauty salons and cosmetics?

Beauty salons are places where people go to improve their appearance in terms of their hair, face, and body as they are associated with beauty.

Tools and equipment are typically sterilized by chemical and physical means in salons, including boiling water, autoclaving, chemical reagents...

Hygiene methods followed in beauty salons

The instruments are boiled in water for at least three to five minutes using the hot water sterilizing technique. Despite being quite quick, this approach has been demonstrated to not be sufficient...

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Why beauty salons are high-risk places for diseases

Firstly, the majority of cosmetic products contain substances that create an environment that is favorable for the growth of microorganisms...

Secondly, because the manufacture and expiration dates are not marked on cosmetics, it is unknown if the preservatives in the cosmetics lose their effectiveness over time.

Thirdly, cosmetics are regularly shared in beauty salons and are not produced in sanitary settings.

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