Strong Earthquake in Taiwan Derails a Train 

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TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — On Sunday, a severe earthquake jolted parts of Taiwan, collapsing a three-story building and momentarily trapping 4 people inside, stranding 400 tourists on a mountaintop.

The magnitude 6.8 quake was the strongest of hundreds that have jolted the island's southern shore since Saturday evening, when a magnitude 6.4 quake struck the same location. 

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The majority of the damage looked to be north of the epicentre, which was located in the town of Chishang at a relatively shallow depth of 7 kilometres, according to Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau.

According to the island's Central News Agency, a three-story structure in adjacent Yuli town fell, with a 7-11 convenience store on the first floor and houses on the higher floors.

The building's 70-year-old owner and his wife were the first to be saved, but it took longer to reach a 39-year-old lady and her 5-year-old kid.

In Yuli, more than 7,000 families were reported to be without electricity, and water pipelines were reportedly damaged.

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