How to Start Instagram
for Business

Each month, more than one billion individuals use Instagram, and around 90 percent of them follow at least one brand. 

6 steps to using Instagram for business:

Step 1: Get an Instagram business account
How to open a business account on Instagram:
How to Convert a Personal Instagram Account to a Business Instagram Account

Step 2: Develop a successful Instagram strategy

Define your intended audience
Establish goals and objectives
Keep track of the appropriate performance measures
Calendar your content

Step 3: Make your Instagram profile business friendly

Make a compelling bio
Improve profile picture
Utilize the one link in your bio carefully
Add pertinent contact information
Set up the action button

Step 4: Distribute top-notch content

Establish a visual language for your brand
Take eye-catching pictures
Create catchy captions Reserve your InstagramStories for more informal stuff
Post often

Step 5: Develop and interact with your audience

Answer remarks and mentions
Use appropriate hashtags
Engage Instagram influencers in collaboration
Use Instagram advertisements to reach specific audience