PML-N And Its Inability To Build An Efficient Narrative

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Imran Khan is miles ahead of his rivals in PML-N when it comes to narrative construction, enabling him to set records for political rallies, crush electables in the polls.

In order to determine what went wrong with the PMLN’s narrative and story-telling, we can only look at the tools and channels the party’s members have been using to spread their message.

The PMLN continues to rely on an antiquated strategy of winning over people by making promises to build roads, metros, and bridges.

PML-N is stuck in the 90s with its poor rhetoric

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PML-N and dynastic politics

 PMLN’s other enemy is the lack of trust surrounding its primary narrators. Imran Khan is well-refuted for being trustworthy and honest.

Poor optics surrounding
its leaders

The public admonition of public officials by the Prime Minister and his son resembles the antics of a school principal.

The PMLN’s citadel in Punjab was breached by the PTI, demonstrating the decreasing importance of the baradari vote and electables.

Final thoughts

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