Renaissance Sculptured European

French for “rebirth,” the term “renaissance” is used to describe a time in European history that lasted from A.D. 1400 to A.D. 1600.

Setting the stage for Renaissance

Philip Van Ness Myers argues in “Medieval and Modern History” that the Crusades ushered in the Renaissance. They saw mature Middle Eastern cultures while on crusade...

Where did Renaissance

Florence is often regarded as the birthplace of the Renaissance, however, some historians believe the term encompasses the entire country of Italy.

Renaissance shaped
The world

The Renaissance was a period of transition from the ancient to the modern world, and it laid the groundwork for the emergence of the Age of Enlightenment.

1) The spread of

Individuals were supposed to devote their life to the church above everything else throughout the middle ages...

2) Knowledge spread
 Like a wildfire

Johannes Gutenberg, a German citizen, created the printing press in 1450, resulting in a more educated society...

3) Spread of realistic

In popular culture, the Renaissance is most recognised for its contributions to the arts...

4) Focus shifted from
 Dogma to practical observation

As a new period of discovery spread throughout Europe, the Renaissance brought with it a growing rift between science and faith.