Samsung Phones Swollen Battery Issues

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 If you have an older Samsung phone like 2 or 3 years old just check out its battery, and you will notice a big swollen portion in its battery which can be highly dangerous.

People from all around the world are reporting the same thing, especially those who have tech youtube channels and a huge collection of phones.

It was noticed by Arun the owner of Mrwhosetheboss, UK based YouTuber. He stated in his recent video that from his collection only the Samsung ones were swollen and no other phones were affected.

He reported this issue to Samsung and they even took those phones from repair but he says it's been a while since Samsung has given me any update on the situation, He said it's been almost 50 days.

A lot of other YouTubers such as jerry rigs everything also stated the same problem and he said it may be because of some reaction of the electrolytes in the battery and other compounds.

This situation is dangerous at an alarming level please stay safe and be careful with your device.

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