Why do Companies Fail 


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Selling on Amazon in your local marketplace might be difficult, but selling worldwide is even harder! 

Brands fail when they launch their brands internationally because they make too many assumptions about what would succeed on a large scale. 

Due to a lack of research and failure to develop a solid global sales strategy, many businesses misinterpret their target market and hence fail to sell worldwide. 

Because of this inexperience, we see brands that do well in one area fail to debut and sell well in new markets. We’ve prepared a list of the most common reasons businesses fail when selling globally.

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Top 11 Reasons Why Companies Fail Internationally

1. Translation as opposed to trans creation
2. Selling abroad on the spur of the moment
3. Inadequate market research
4. Choosing the incorrect country 

Top 11 Reasons Why Companies Fail Internationally

5. Choosing to ‘do it alone’
6. Additional accumulated expenses
7. Poor strategy execution
8. Tax and business requirements

Top 11 Reasons for Why Companies Fail Internationally

9. Uncertainty in politics and the economy
10. Cultural barriers
11. Human Resource Essentials

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