What is Pinterest Management and How to use Pinterest for Business?

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In this article we’ll be explaining Pinterest management in detail and show you how can you pursue it as a career and make a good living for yourself.

Your weekend fascination with pinning insane recipes and wedding ideas could seem like a full-time job. However, there is a way to transform that Sunday hobby into a legitimate job that pays you and your clients well, because a Pinterest manager is a regular Pinner who has become an expert in strategy and creativity.

Being a Pinterest manager might be one of the most satisfying jobs for you if you enjoy all things experimental, strategic, and creative. Every day is different when you work as a Pinterest manager, and your actions directly affect a company’s bottom line. I’m referring to big client bases, many recommendations, and spectacular outcomes.

What is Pinterest Management?

An online service called Pinterest management helps businesses in promoting their content, goods, and services on Pinterest. To help clients in the service-based, e-commerce, and in-store industries accomplish their digital marketing objectives, Pinterest managers provide their support. The main outputs for a Pinterest manager are clicks, traffic, and organic sales growth. Although it may sound similar to managing social media, there are a few significant differences.

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Main Differences between Pinterest Managers and Social Media Managers

1. Social Media Managers

Advanced understanding of social media platforms, strategy, and content development is possessed by social media managers (like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube.) When they:

  • Make captions and static or moving graphics
  • Engage with, like, and comment on other accounts.
  • Use scheduling applications like Hootsuite and Later.
  • Control community activity and restrain audience actions like DMs and comments.
  • Manage social media partnerships with other brands and interact with sponsors and brands to make sure objectives are reached and operations run smoothly.

2. Pinterest Managers

The managers at Pinterest are highly knowledgeable about the platform, strategy, and content development. When they:

  • Regularly create infographics and pins.
  • Possess a thorough understanding of SEO and Rich Pins.
  • Use time management programs like Tailwind.
  • Perform keyword research.
  • Boost your boards, profile, and pins.
  • Sign up for Tailwind Tribes and Group Boards.
  • Pin scheduling with Tailwind.

The main difference between social media managers and Pinterest managers is the depth of the grasp of their platform from a strategic and creative standpoint. Since Pinterest is a visual search engine rather than a social media platform, the position calls for additional expertise in SEO.

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What is the Role of a Pinterest Manager?

pinterest management
Role of Pinterest benefits

1. Keywords Research

One of the most important (and best) aspects of a Pinterest manager’s work is Pinterest SEO.

Even though Pinterest is a visual search engine, those hidden keywords, links, and tags are still important. Sure, visually appealing Pins get attention, but without sufficient keyword research to support the content, clicks are lost.

Because of this, an essential component of a Pinterest manager’s job is SEO research. It makes it easier for a company to be identified, classify its material appropriately, and then link it with its ideal customers. A Pinterest manager should have a solid awareness of the target market, the offering, and the objectives of the client. In order to increase reach, they will deliberately incorporate keyword-rich Pin descriptions, board names, image text, and profile bios. They will also look for methods to capitalize on trends and position the business as the best answer to an issue that is being searched.

2. Management of Blogs

Pinterest and blog material work in a special synergy to increase traffic to your website because they are both abundant in organic content and keywords. This service is frequently added by Pinterest management to spare their customers the time and effort needed to produce lengthy, originally written material.

3. Graphics Designing

What would this list look like without creating Pins, speaking of Pinterest strategy? A Pinterest manager’s main focus (apart from SEO) will be developing new scroll-stopping, clickable content for searchers because Pinterest is all about recency, consistency, and relevancy. Similar to every other search engine, Pinterest aims to help its users by giving them the appropriate information at the appropriate moment. To stand out on the search results page, you must use the appropriate colors, headlines, and images.

A Pinterest manager will be cautious and thorough while creating. Usually, they will create the ultimate Pin package using programs like Canva and Adobe. The keyword descriptions will then be written by them to go along with them. Following approval, a Pinterest manager will schedule the board using software like Tailwind. This provides the consistency and end-to-end management that organizations and Pinterest both value.

4. Engagement

The old “publish and ghost” strategy doesn’t work on Pinterest either, despite what you’ve probably heard everywhere on Instagram. Maintaining activity on Pinterest requires constant attention, especially in light of how important it is to increase ranks and clicks on the platform.

Managers at Pinterest are informed about how and where to strategically spend their time. This may resemble joining a collaborative board on Pinterest, which enables numerous users to pin. A Pinterest manager will be prepared to create a strategy to help users apply to and join the appropriate group boards or Tailwind communities.

A Pinterest manager will devote effort to find, participating in, and investigating these groups. For the best engagement approach, they’ll also save and maintain an account’s boards and pin-related material.

5. Ongoing audits along with constant optimization

Creating a Pinterest business account is a minefield, so doing it correctly from the outset can prevent a tonne of headaches later on. Businesses may create accounts on Pinterest, upload content, link to Tailwind and their websites, and use Rich Pins to optimize them for search (which can often take hours when done thoroughly). In order to make sure an existing Pinterest account is operating like a well-oiled sales machine, they might audit it in the same way.

Even better, they’ll come back at least once a month to make the adjustments required to align with the objectives of the company and algorithm modifications. This entails staying current with trends and updates that are constantly changing, tracking and reporting on account and group board performance, and updating information as needed.

Extra Duties of a Pinterest Manager

A Pinterest manager may in addition to performing all the magic-making in those top five roles:

  • Examine current Pinterest accounts and use fresh tactics
  • Analyze the data thoroughly using Google Analytics and Pinterest to discover special user behavioral insights.

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The benefits and drawbacks of working as a Pinterest manager

1. Benefits

If you think you have the necessary abilities to be a Pinterest manager, consider the job’s realities (the good and the less good).

  • Flexible: Own the times and the place.
  • Creative: Create and write material that inspires you.
  • There is something fresh every day: Work with a variety of clients who have various offers, target markets, and objectives.
  • Be innovative and experiment: Consider novel approaches to increase traffic and revenue.
  • Sought after: Gain a huge income and countless referrals.

2. Drawbacks

There are several drawbacks, though:

  • Updating algorithm constantly: Fortunately, Pinterest continues to be fairly open about its adjustments.
  • Keeps you vigilant: Being your own boss has its own obstacles, just like running a business.

Overall, if you’re trying to begin or grow in the online realm, managing Pinterest is one of the most fascinating, satisfying professions.

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